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how to bitcoin cost for creating a ordinal nft on Bitcoin network, create own Ordinals Inscriptions

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The new OrdinalsLab have made a lot of Blockhain based NFTs & BRC20 token related programs from BitcoinCore projects to develop own BitcoinNFTs & BRC20 coins through any developers or creators. The Ordinals are looking to decrease the Bitcoin transactions fees for creators who wants to develop own BitcoinNFT collection on Bitcoin Network and Own BRC20 token to give a public mint options to their community or other token or NFTs holders like SolanaNFTs, EthereumNFTs and PolygonNFTs.

Blockchain Creators are seeing a high gas fees on Bitcoin than Ethereum or Solana, Bitcoin has a new options for NFT & other BRC20 Tokens investors, DEX and all the goal of Web3 to establize the new community on Bitcoin network from the backend support of Ordinals Markets.

The Investors of Bitcoin from year 2009 to yet were Bitcoin Mining, Investoments or Payment related transactions, but its now a new Ordinals programs Bitcoin supports for DeFi or Web3 opprotunity to create on whole Bitcoin Genesis Blocks or Satoshi on the inscriptions to give a unique identity to investors or holders.

First of all, you have to install or add extension on Chrome browser of Ordinals Supportable Bitcoin wallets Instead of any Sparrow Wallet or any hardware old Bitcoin wallet. If you have funds in Bitcoin on Sparrow Wallet or other Non-Ordinals Supportable Bitcoin wallets, then you have to create or make a new wallet of Ordinals Supportable including Xverse Wallet, Hiro Wallet & Ordinals Wallet.

If you funds into your Bitcoin wallet or Sparrow Wallets then you have to connect your wallet Hiro Wallet or XVerse Wallet to  Gamma create your arts or create a whole NFT collection on Bitcoin Ordinals. There are have many Ordinals providers for creating Inscriptions or create own NFTs on Ordinals using BitcoinCore, Gamma and OrdinalWallet to make your own Inscriptions on Bitcoin Network.

How much fees you have to pay to create a Ordinals Inscriptions on Bitcoin Network?

First of all, if you have bitcoin in your any Bitcoin wallet then have to transfer to the Ordinals Supported wallet’s Bitcoin Address not Ordinal Address. Carefully (Your Bitcoin transfer address Should be Bitcoin Address in Xverse Wallet and do not transfer into your Ordinals Wallet of Inscriptions), You have to Transfer your bitcoin to pay & Submit any Ordinal NFT related transtion via your wallet and that wallet must support ordinals and Bitcoin & STX address to transfer fund from Sparrow or other hardware wallet to Xverse wallet to create your Inscriptions on Bitcoin through

After the complete of your Bitcoin Transctions, you start creating Inscription on Bitcoin Network by use of Gamma or own BitcoinCore for give a chance to minter or your community. The Gamma Will Charge you at least $10 per KB files and $5 to $50 Network fees to complete the transtions for your Ordinals Inscription number and sends to your address of Ordinals in your wallet.

In the XVerse Wallet of Bitcoin, you will see 3 types of diffrent wallets addresses including Bitcoin, STX and Ordinals. The Inscription or any Data or Tokens will holdings in Ordinals wallets but if you want to transfer your Bitcoin to Ordinals Wallet which have 60+ digits of Ordinals address your Bitcoin will be lost and not able to recovered.


Above we given some ideas to Transfer Bitcoin, STX and Ordinals through their own Address and do not transfer STX to Bitcoin or Ordinals Address, Bitcoin to STXor Ordinals Address, Ordinals to STXor Bitcoin Address. The Fees of transctions and time are shows on the to see your charges and low gas fees on Bitcoin Blockchain to create in right time to deploy your own Inscriptions.

By the way, if you are creating on gamma for a single NFT of 2.5 KB of PNG or JPEG & on Bitcoin network through ordinals so there will be a complete charge of Transactions between XVerse & Gamma costs you approximately $35 to $40 to create a single one Inscription. otherwise, if you buying bitcoin on Binance and transfering to xVerse or any other wallets of Bitcoin then that Binance will be require for a minimum $55 USD worth of Bitcoin and 0.01 BTC will be a high fee of transfer to Bitcoin Network. You should choose Bitcoin Network for Xverse Wallet transfer and if you are using BTC/BNB, BTC/ETH networks then you might too lose your transfering funds.

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