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Helium decentralized wireless eSim internet for solana mobiles, access Internet from Radio network.

Helium decentralized wireless internet, how to work Proof of coverage, Radio Internet, Blockchain internet permissionless global wireless coverage, cellular phone access ISPs, Helium network on Solana. ThePeoplesNetwork to access anywhere without Sim & Internet packs. Mine HNT token and accesss 5G internet.


How to access a public ThePeoplesNetwork for all the Solana community of Solana Mobile Saga. There are a lot of potential on the decentralized internet acceess from anywhere and anytime. Everyone can access the global single network to enjoy a decentralized internet network as new permissionless ISP (Internet Service providers) to setup your e-Sim network in blockchain based mobile phones.  This is a incredible milestone for the global Helium community and ushers in a new era for a highly scalable and resilient Helium Network along with a new world of utility on Solana.

The helium is most powerfull Global IoT & Cellular Internet to all solana and other blockchain based internet for all the users of new crypto products and services more accessible.

The new scalability, expansion, and reliability for the world’s largest decentralized wireless network for the new cellular phone access ISPs, Helium network just migrated to Solana blockchain to manage the block transactions.

Helium network to start accessing the LoRaWAN is a low-power, wide area networking protocol built on top of the LoRa radio modulation technique. The Radio Internet is works on the blockhain and IoT & Cellular  to confirm the new internet for all selected devices. The Helium wirelessly connects devices to the internet and manages communication between end-node devices, IoT, Cellular  and network gateways.

The Helium network deployed at least 5G or expcted 6G network to experiencing rapid growth, and too deployed more than 8,000 5G radios in less than a year to provider a full internet access to the world wide solana & Helium users.

The Helium Network’s permissionless global wireless coverage has expanded our capabilities  to offer real-time tracking and closed-loop temperature monitoring, bringing up-to-the-minute data to both in-transit and stationary use cases worldwide. The Radio Internet is permissionless and permitless to country wise, the Helium made it for the global access on the eSim network or Blockhain IP Intrenet to world wide with Radio/Setelite internet to bllockchain.

The Helium Decentralized Internet for all the new blockhain based Cellular to work on proof of coverage on the every device to world wide. Its the First permisionless internet for all the new web3 internet access for all the new Radio Internet works on a full new internet with new unique ID of Proof-of-Coverage.

The Global developers and investors and provider the liquidity to all the network to earn monthly or every Radio/Setelite earning and royality when the world’s top users will access that services.

LoRaWAN Hotspots is perfectly work on the current native token HNT to mine IOT, HNT will still be burned for Data Credits (DCs), IoT and 5G sub-networks will be priced through distinct on HNT to manage the token mine & Burn for users as a user’s using data in 5G Cellular.

The Public, miners, investors and creators are new owner or ISP of new internet technology to access the without a company or top TIER, Telephone, Fiber & ISP Services or owners of Internet providers, The Blockchain’s scalablity ,expansion, and reliability.

The Web3 is a new world of Internet and payment service with on a single web3 domains and the Wireless Internet on Radio Network to give a best coverage to all world’s interenet users than a single ISP or Roaming plan expansion.

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