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GrayScale Sells $10B Worth Bitcoin in 2024, Qatar and BlackRock buying Bitcoin : Bitcoin News

BlackRock Buying 100K Bitcoin From GrayScale, Why GrayScale sale 100K Bitcoin to US Bank, Blackrock and Fidelity, How much Bitcoin do BlackRock, Fidelity, and Vanguard own, Will BlackRock still buy more Bitcoins?, Why is BlackRock Buying Huge Bitcoin in 2024, and Will BlackRock and GrayScale Investing Outside the US?. Bitcoin price in 2024.


Currently, after the SEC has approved BitcoinETFs, the Bitcoin price is continuously falling and due to this falling Bitcoin price, BlackRock, Vanguard, and Fidelity are benefiting a lot, which is the first BlackRock to buy billions of USD worth of bitcoins from GrayScale. Currently, GrayScale (GBTC) is getting money from most of the institutions in the world, now there are chances of the Bitcoin and Crypto Industry getting huge growth in the long term. And really, if you want to buy Bitcoin and increase your investment by millions within a short period of time. Currently, Grayscale is predicted to have around 1M+ Bitcoins, it seems that GrayScale or BlackRock can become top Bitcoin Partners in the futureNow it seems that in the future GraySale will try to increase the Bitcoin Price after selling 100K Bitcoin and with this, it may be able to stop Bitcoin Sells. Because the opportunity to buy Bitcoin is BlackRock or any other big asset managers, GrayScale is the best option for those banks and Asset Managers, Bitcoin Whales may also be able to sell Bitcoin to companies like BlackRock.

Why is BlackRock and Qatar Buying Huge Bitcoin in 2024, and Will BlackRock and GrayScale Investing Outside the US?

Many crypto investors are wondering why the Bitcoin price is suddenly falling after the launch of Bitcoin ETFs and what further achievements you think Bitcoin can make in the future. Currently, Bitcoin prices are falling because GrayScale is selling Bitcoin to BlackRock and Fidelity. With Blackrock and Fidelity Bitcoin can be made a powerful profitable or top investment or management portfolio. It is possible that BlackRock can increase the prices of Bitcoin after buying more than 100K Bitcoins and it is possible that GrayScale can also limit Bitcoin Sales. At the same time, BlackRock, GrayScale, Fidelity, and Vanguard are also increasing Bitcoin investment outside the US, due to which all US banks and asset management want to make USD/BTC pairs the most powerful currency or forex in the future. It is also being said that Bitcoin halving is also coming in the future, so it does not seem that BlackRock, Fidelity, and Vanguard will get full Bitcoin supply because after Bitcoin Halving, Bitcoin Miners and Bitcoin creators will not want to sell Bitcoin. However, Qatar’s Wealth Fund of $500 billion USD can also be included in all these, who will recently sign a contract with BlackRock.

How much Bitcoin do BlackRock, Fidelity, and Vanguard own, Will BlackRock still buy more Bitcoins?

Currently, after getting BitcoinETFs, BlackRock has bought approximately $1 billion USD worth of bitcoin and it is possible to still buy Bitcoin like BlackRock and ARK Investing. Because after El Salvador, BlackRock, and Fidelity are such companies and asset managers who have the power to buy more Bitcoin in the future as El Salvador buys. Because for now El Salvador has about 10,000 bitcoins and BlackRock also has about 15,000 bitcoins. In the race to buy Bitcoin, there are approximately 2 companies BlackRock and Microstrategy, and 1 country El Salvador, which will be able to buy Bitcoin at $40000 in the future. And it is possible that BlackRock plans to buy approximately 100K Bitcoins so that a financial deal can be made between Grayscale, SEC and BlackRock in the future. Now the Bitcoin price has almost reached $40,000 and both BlackRock and Microstrategy companies are looking at the bottom of Bitcoin so that in the future another billion USD of Bitcoin can be used for profit and long-term financial or securities.


How do Qatar, BlackRock, and SEC deal with Bitcoin ETFs or Qatar & Middle East’s $1T Bitcoin Investment?

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