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Google to buy Gemini, Bitcoin and Investing in Crypto for International Solution : Crypto News

Google to invest $100B in bitcoin stock Crypto, Blockchain, and AI technology with Gemini Crypto Exchange, Google buying Crypto, Blockchain, Web3, and DeFi, Google and Alphabet buying Stock of Crypto and AI companies, Investing in Crypto in US crypto Exchanges, Solana Blockchain and AI tools.
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Recently, the World’s top Internet Company ‘Google‘ to Buy the world’s top crypto exchanges to expand Crypto, Blockchain, Web3, and DeFi facilities across Google and Alphabet users and International Google Ads AI programs. In the United States, Most Startup companies, Advertising, marketing, and Stock exchanges are looking to tie up with Crypto and Web3 world to increase global dominance across their platforms for alternative payment solutions. Google’s top investing company or holding company ‘Alphabet‘ to expand its Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and Stablecoin market cap to reduce international taxes and international payment remainings and develop their Decentralized databases with Blockchain and Web3.  Most US-based Startups, Technology,  artificial intelligence, online advertising, search engine technology, cloud computing, computer software, quantum computing, e-commerce, and consumer electronics companies are trying to develop a new version of the Internet, Databases, DeFi, and Web3 securities of Blockchain and AI to reduce costs, save time, instant payments and global solutions.

Google to invest $100B in Bitcoin, Crypto, Blockchain, and AI technology with Gemini Crypto Exchange.

Google planning to offer its Crypto, Blockchain, and GPT-4 competitors with Gemini to improve the quality of the internet, Assets, Digitalization, and developments. Google investing up to $100B in the Crypto and Blockchain industry to establish a new future of its own strategy with AI and Cryptography.  Google to develop new Mobile OS, Search Engine, Ad Engine, and Web Browsers to integrate Web3, AI, and Machine Learning to empower the Digital assets and developments of the future. Google believes that the coming world of Blockchain, Machine Learning, AI, and Crypto can provide huge future opportunities for Google’s assets and technology. Google is adding its own technology and decentralized technology to all its upcoming companies including YouTube, Waze, DoubleClick, Nest, Looker, Fitbit, and Mandiant. After purchasing Gemini, the path for Bitcoin ETFs, Blockchain and AI developments will be secured for Google. Because the stocks and investments of recently launched blockchain-based companies like Nvidia, Coinbase, and renewable companies are increasing. In this way, Google, Alphabet, and YouTube would not want Google to lag behind in all these developments and they would be hindered from investing in big projects.

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