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Gecko Coin ($GECKO) price Prediction $1 USD, upcoming Bonk on Solana : Memecoin Solana

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While Solana blockchain is seeing recent pump and price growth, Bonk Inu is looking at $GECKO as well, Solana’s top investors are looking at the opportunity to grow with the burn of Millions of Gecko Coin, rewards, giveaways, and a strong liquidity. GECKO coin has made waves on the Solana blockchain for the first time and now has a chance of going up to $1 after its listing price of around $0.0004133, just like Bonk Inu had overtaken Shiba, Floki, and Memecoins. Now memecoins are coming one after the other on Solana but GECKO coin can once again create a new All Time High because $GECKO coin has created a market cap of almost $2,194,377.19 in the last 24 hours which is the highest increase in the first time. Now Gecko Coin coming on Solana is going to become the biggest coin of the Frog community like the Bonk was also created in the Doge theme.

What is the Price Prediction of Bonk Inu and $GECKO in 2o24?

Well, my aim in making this coin was to take forward the frog community in Solana, and like the Bonk culture of Solana, the frog culture also has to be taken forward. Because it turns out that to make Solana and the world’s fastest blockchain more investorfriendly, the Solana community is doing programs like Ordinals and Bitcoin Inscriptions so that the investors, developers, and creators who come to Solana are not given the chance to move to other blockchains. Because currently, meme-coins can also be created on Bitcoin Ordinals, ZkSync, polygon, and Ethereum, but Solana has improved profits, low fees, and instant transactions to the extent that it will not be found on any other blockchain. However, the price of GECKO Coin can fall because the Gecko Coin has given millions of GECKO coins in Solana rewards, and giveaways, a single time due to airdrop, there can be a big drop in the price of $GECKO but in the long-term when Gecko Coin is a By doing big level buy back or burning one can pump up to 1000% even in one day. And they will also provide a huge burning supply to Gecko Coin, to provide another reward to the FROG community because if you have to create a number coin in FROG then you will have to serve things like Burn/BuyBack and Rewards to the Solana community. Currently, the market cap of Gecko Coin has not been revealed yet and it seems that in the future Solana’s Gecko meme coin can make a market cap of approximately $200M, and $GECKO investors can earn a profit of approximately 1000X.

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