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Ethereum will reach $25K amid Ethereum ETFs, DeFi and scalability in 2024 : Ethereum ETFs

Why US Banks, Commodities, Finance, and Assets Management are investing in Ethereum before Ethereum ETFs?, BitcoinETFs vs Ethereum ETFs in 2024, top banks in US for Bitcoin trades, Bitcoin and Ethereum for banking currency. Ethereum ETFs will rise performance for NFTs, AI, Web3 and DeFi. BitcoinETFs investors surge in 2024


Currently, due to the increasing strong capacity, market cap, investment, and BitcoinETFs of Crypto and Bitcoin, in the future, we can see the inflow of Billions of USD in Ethereum or the investment of Billions of USD in the market cap. But now in the future, there is a possibility of commodities, stocks, and new strategic funds coming into Ethereum ETFs like Bitcoin ETFs. Currently, like Bitcoin, Ethereum has also performed well and due to the upcoming DeFi, Web3, scalability, digital technology, programmable, secure, and decentralized on Ethereum, the availability of Ethereum ETFs is now almost outside the US. Due to this in the future ETH Coin will have a strong interest among other billions of USD in Investment Banking, Assets Management firms, Developing funds, Wealth Funds, and Strategic funds. Although Bitcoin has given payment, international solutions, gateways, investing, and demanding values, many banks, firms, and gold-backed businesses are now looking at Ethereum as their future.

Why US Banks, Commodities, Finance, and Assets Management are investing in Ethereum before Ethereum ETFs?

For now, BitcoinETFs are close to getting Billions of USD from BlackRock, iShare, Vanguard, and Fidelity. But due to Bitcoin ETFs, the value of Ethereum has also increased almost 5X so it is believed that if Ethereum ETFs are added then the value of Ethereum can increase from $15000 USD to $25000. Now, after getting BitcoinETFs, all the banks, investors, and crypto holders are convinced that if Ethereum ETFs are approved then billions of USD can be invested in Large Cap, Soft Cap, Altcoin, and even Memecoins in the future. Due to this, the values ​​of Shiba, Pepe, Floki, and Ethereum-based top coins can also become strong and stable from one side after being pumped 10x and 100x. Along with this, TVL of Ethereum ETFs and other Billions of USD, LP, Crosschain, Developing, creativity, and Forex/Crypto pairs can also be legalized due to which other banks can also use Ethereum instead of Gold. But now Top crypto Whales, US Banks, Assets Firms, Technology, Startups, and people from all sectors believe that Ethereum will have the biggest growth after Bitcoin in the future. Due to this the price of Ethereum will go up to approximately $25000 USD and with the best performances, NFTs, AI, Web3 and DeFi projects along with Memecoins and strategic partnerships will also get the support of Banks and the Government.

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