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Ethereum ETF inflow may rise up to $10b in 2024, Ethereum price $10000 in Q3 2024 : Ethereum Stock

Ethereum Inflow rise than Bitcoin ETFs, Why Ethereum ETF will reach a $10BUSD market cap by 2024, with a Possible Ethereum Price of $10,000 USD?, SEC will approve Memecoin, NFTs and DeFi coins on Ethereum. Ethereum ETFs S-1 forms, CryptoCurrency price 2024, Ethereum Price of $10,000 USD?.


Currently, Ethereum ETFs have been approved by almost 10 major banks and firms, which now account for many investors, and experts in investing platforms predict that in the future, Ethereum can go up to around $10000 by Q3 2024. Due to this, apart from BlackRock, many US banks, financial companies, and online businesses have also been able to add financial and asset value to Ethereum. Because after getting Bitcoin ETFs, the price of Bitcoin has got a big growth and apart from this, the price of Bitcoin is also being estimated at $100k+. Due to this now Ethereum has also been an ETF by the SEC which will work on the cross-network of Bitcoin and Ethereum in the future and is quite strategic for bonds, banks, assets, and international business. Due to the recent Ethereum ETF, after Bitcoin, Ethereum stock is going to see the highest inflows. Besides Ethereum, there are other projects like Memecoins, Web3, and Defi which can bring huge growth in the price of Ethereum along with Ethereum ETF in the future. Now we can say that after getting Ethereum ETF, there will be further growth in the price of Ethereum because the entire cryptocurrency market is based on Ethereum. For now, other than Ethereum, the biggest investment is in TRGC (Param Labs Inc), Polygon (Humanity Protocol), Coinbase, Vitalik Buterin, and Binance, the world’s crypto exchange money is also in Ethereum.

Why Ethereum ETF will reach a $10BUSD market cap by 2024, with a Possible Ethereum Price of $10,000 USD?

Many big companies, firms, banks, and online platforms believe that Ethereum is going to have huge growth in the future due to which further huge growth will be seen in Ethereum ETF and Ethereum Price. Because it is believed that there will be a greater demand for Ethereum than Bitcoin among Memecoin trades, NFTs, Web3, and online businesses. For now, US traders will need S-1 forms (Ethereum ETF Form) to begin trading Ethereum ETFs until Ethereum ETFs can be made tradable in June 2024. Additionally, top crypto exchanges can lap up a large ETF fund and wealth values ​​with Ethereum stock. So now, Ethereum ETF can bring in big funds not only from local, American, and European investors but also from the Middle East. Now large inflows of funds can come into the Ethereum ETF through Bitcoins, Merchant Ethereum Wallet, Global X Ethereum ETP, and 21Shares Ethereum Staking ETP. So recently Ethereum network migrated all its mining and developments to Proof of Stake which may further take the Ethereum price to around $10000. And it is also possible that there may be more ETFs inflow into Ethereum ETF than Bitcoin ETFs.

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