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eCash (XEC) or BRC20 what should you hold for 2025? : Bitcoin News

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The investors or holders of eCash (XEC) coin of 2022 & BRC20 coins of 2023 are in confusions about holds of each other token for the year 2025. Thausands of wallets are still holding XEC coin of Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHA) network for waiting of its new pump of all time high like made in early after its launched on BCHA network, its was a best alternative Digital currency to Cash transaction purposes in 2022. what are the community of BCHA or eCash (XEC) are thinking about holding its assets for the next halving of Bitcoin, Its will grow or going to end of ecosystem on BCHA network?

Its a beautiful questions of XEC coin holders who imaginated about the millions of $USD worth holder from last year to yet, but not yet gained any Profits or losses because of BRC20 and a long time Bitcoin plummets. The most of memecoins, DeFi, NFTs coins are lost their global support of top market cap sizes because of BRC20 network. Bitcoin holders are looking to invest Billions of $USD worth of Bitcoin into BRC20 & Ordinals to keep safe their funds and assets on the real decentralized network of Bitcoin.

What happening to $XEC or eCASH On the Bitcoin Halving of 2024?

The Halving of Bitcoin is coming in year 2024 to make a new rules of own Bitcoin nodes about Mining rewards, Value of Satoshi & Network fees or Network energy consumptions. The most of miners are thinks Bitcoin is going to be expensive network for the transaction without BRC20 & Ordinals. The Transactions Gas fees & Files sizes of per Blocks will be reduced because of High gas fees and take a long time to confirm a single transction with millions of USD worths to store on upcoming Bitcoin block’s height.  The XEC coin is made on BCHA but not completely built on the real transaction with Bitcoin Nodes, XEC will be jump from the bear’s supporters or community, but not make any movements during Halving & Other Bitcoin related programs.

The all ETH, SOL, TRX & Polygon based programs are looking to move with BRC20 & OrdinalsNFTs real networks on the Bitcoin blockchain than (eCash) XEC on BCHA, too leavingthe Ethereum’s top programs like Shibarium and EVM or None-EVM networks. XEC is the next gems on thre Bitcoin Cash network in the near future when Bitcoin Cash (BCHA) will make a new ATH of all time high to empower their assets and top currecy on $XEC on BCHA network.

XEC is top cryptocurrency which designed to be used as electronic cash for the BCHA network to withdraw your funds from Bitcoin In BCHA network to make more cheaper transactions fee with XEC for all the Bitcoin friendly currencies to convert and tranfer like Bitcoin Lightning Network. If you are still holding XEC is a new things for BCHA not for Bitcoin Network, Bitcoin only has two assets on its chain first Ordinals and second BRC20 tokens which is going to be next gems for the all bitcoin holders and bitcoin bitcoin based token holders.

Understand all about BCHA & eCASH Coin from here to take your own responsiblity on the investing in Crypto & Bitcoin related assets, we just saw a new ideas about XEC its completely depending on the Bitcoin Cash network. If you are holding BCHA network on your Portfolio, then you must be happy to have BCHA coin XEC instead of real BCHA coin which worths approximately 114.35 USD equal to 1 BCHA today.

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