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Coinbase’s L2 Network release own BINU (BaseInu) memecoin on Base network

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A newly born of a new meme coin of BaseInu (BINU) is a new Coinbase’s new Base network to deploy its own meme coin with the theme of DogCoin & Shiba Inu to become a new own doge categorized theme in their network with new financial economics ideas on Base Network. Base network or Coinbase’s Layer 2 spending the most money or ETH on Layer 2 network to develop an Ethereum-based own network to complete the fast transaction and save the whole of Coinbase’s investor’s securities & Funds under the US rules and SEC regulations. Coinbase have a top blockchain network that is usable on Metamask and all of Ethereum wallets.

upcoming memecoin on Base Network of Coinbase Layer 2 in 2024.

BINU (BaseInu) is the first Coinbase meme-coin to catch the market cap capability of the future with a single memecoin project to pump and make fun of users with accidental ATHs and long-term compititions with Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, BabyDogecoin, to improve an own doge themed programs on Base Network. Base Inu coin has a unique identity of Blue Shiba Inu coin and makes a new strategy on its own blockchain of the Coinbase network.




BaseInu coin has used the top blockchain of BNB and Base Network to explore or offer the Airdrops, LP, Network, and investing strategy with Base Network and BNB smart contracts. Base Inu have cheap, affordable, reliable technologies of the future. The Layer 2 Network of Coinbase offers more bridges, Networks, and Ethereum L2, and provides more facilities about Layer 2 & DApps technologies on the Coinbase’s & Ethereum Layer 2 Network opportunities. Coinbase Layer 2 Network is specially designed for the DApps & Memcoin developments to improve own quality in the cheap blockchain & safest blockchain instead of Optimism (Optimistic Ethereum), BNB, AVAX, Polygon, Arbitrum, Fantom and Harmony and all the developers and whales of EVM compatibles are looking for the next bridges with Coinbase or Base networks.

BINU (BaseInu) coin price prediction of 2024, next 10000X gems on Base Network of Layer 2.

BINU (BaseInu) become the world’s top meme-coin on Base Network to pump soon with the best scaling technologies of CoinBase. The Ethereum community is trading PEPE & Shiba and Dogecoin is performing in the DogeChain and Coinbase an own meme coin named $BINU coin to improve meme coin investments. Top Twitter and Social media Crypto influencers are looking for the BINU coin after missed PEPE & new top meme coins on the Ethereum chains.

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