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Coinbase become world’s richest Crypto exchange to beat Binance & Kraken in 2024

Coinbase richest crypto exchange, BinanceUS Vs SEC, top custodian of all crypto Exchanges, NASDAQ, CBOE crypto exchange, BitcoinETF to Coinbase, top assets under management in the future of Bitocoin with Coinbase, Bitcoin ETF, Binance, Coinbase, NASDAQ, and trillions of USD in Bitcoin, Top crypto exchages in United States in South America. Grayscale, BlackRock & ARK investing Bitcoin ETF application in 2025.


In the United States, Coinbase has a bright future for CryptoCurrencies and Buy or Selling or storing Crypto into an American Exchange for the American people. the SEC is looking to adopt the Bitcoin ETF with Coinbase to provide the Lawsuit under the SEC rules & Regulations. Coinbase officially provides all crypto services to American users and SEC may approve the global investing ETF to legalize the Bitcoin trading facility in the US & Europe based on United States Dollar. Bloomberg analyst estimates the next decision deadline for the Grayscale conversion to spot Bitcoin ETF or Bitcoin trading facility with the official country’s national crypto exchange.

Bitcoin ETF, Binance, Coinbase, NASDAQ, and trillions of USD in Bitcoin.

Coinbase may manage all AUMs securities, funds, transactions, developments, banking, market stability, scaling, and global investing methods to improve the quality of American exchange by purchasing technology, stocks, and bonds to integrate with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. SEC has completed the Lawsuit the Grayscale the biggest opprotunity of their trillions of USD with Coinbase to integrate a trading facility to spread the global directions of Bitcoin & Cryptos. Binance filed in US court against SEC because Binance does not have bright ties with SEC because of old mistakes with each team. Coinbase offering their crypto services in Canada, Mexico, Brazil and all the American countries.


SEC will let Grayscale provide the centralized ETF under the Coinbase exchanges to provide the monitoring and investing reports monthly or annually to monitor the funds and management of large amounts. Coinbase is still looking for Bitcoin ETFs like BlackRock, ARK investing, Fidelity, and Grayscale to manage all the AUMs (Assets Under Management) into Coinbase to make the dream about Bitcoin ETF bright with top American bitcoin-interested companies. BlackRock & Grayscale are trying to adopt the NASDAQ stock exchange to offer a Bitcoin trading platform to their millions of Users & ARK 21 Share, VanEcK, Wisdomtree, Invesco & Galaxy, Fidelity, and GlobalX are looking to make the biggest partnership with CBOE (CBOE Global Markets) to offer their users with Bitcoin/Stock trading facilities.

Coinbase may manage $50 trillion as a custodian of all crypto Exchanges.

All the top custodians are under CoinBase Crypto Exchange to provide the Trading, Liquidity, Forex, and trading or who opening platforms under the SEC & Global rules or regulation of BitcoinETFs. SEC will be migrated with Coinbase for the Crypto management and Crypto/Stock options of the future. Coinbase may handle or manage a $50 Trillion Market cap to stabilize the global market situation of CryptoCurrencies and commodity assets of Bitcoin. Coinbase to become the world’s top crypto or Custodian exchange to provide services like SEC provides in the future of Bitcoin.

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