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Citibank launchs own tokens Instead of Bitcoin and USD in 2024 : Citibank CBDC

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World’s’ top banks of International and Domestic transactions, investments, and financial importance to the best investing strategy for all of its users. Citibank planning to create its own currency, CBDC, and best investing technology based on Blockchain with its own supply, and demand backed by Gold. Citibank is choosing another way to develop its own CBDC on the blockchain with the Burning of tokens, demanding that all of Citibank stocks be available in their own Tokens which can create global payment solutions for SWIFT, Fiat, and Digital Instant Payments. Most top banks multinational companies and startups choose CitiBank payment protocols, Financial Services, In-Branches, and Ties with Global banks, and also provide the world’s largest ATM services to spread their business across the world. Citibank created its own Institutional Savings into tokens of CBDC to be used for the 24/7 cross-border across the world without spending the most time at all branches, cheques, and ATM lines of customers. Rich Dad Poor Dad’s CEO (Robert Kiyosaki) also supports the Digital payment system of Citibank to increase the goal of CBDC and International payment solutions in Singapore, the US, the UK, and all over 160 countries.

Why does Citibank Use Blockchain, CBDC, and XRP to beat Bitcoin and Gold?

CitiBank hosts the world’s top CBDC and digital payments solution from their own coin or tokens to increase the developments on XRP (Ripple) Payment protocols. CitiBank to put Billions of Dollars on a private blockchain to adopt real-time payment processing, gateways, smart contracts, and crypto-friendly use to offer Bitcoin and Ethereum backed on USD. The United States Dollar has most of its dominance across the countries and US-friendly banks adopt the payment circulation with XRP and Citibank solutions. Citibank becoming the world’s first CBDC-based project to make a new strategy on Global payment solutions to save taxes, instant transactions, and double the profit of the banking system to beat the USD and Gold dominance in their own Mining, tokens, and Supply of Fiat migrated into CBDC. Bitcoin has various kinds of centralized facilities like Fixed Supply, No Centralized Controller, no permission needed to transact and all funds into bitcoin will be in public and can’t be frozen. Citibank makes many centralized creatives into their banking, funds, and supply to be in control of freeze and authority. Top banking facilitates CitiBank will transform customer deposits into digital tokens that can be sent anywhere without SWIFT, US treasury, and multinational business governments to make all in control of Tokens in CitiBank’s authority.

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