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Cheap RPC providers, RPC price hike, Ordinals for Solana and Ethereum to develop NFTs and Web3 in 2024 : Blockchain News

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Recently, it has been revealed that due to the decline of Bitcoin and the increasing demand and infrastructure costs of RPC Node, QuickNode RPC, Ankr RPC, and Alchemy RPC. Because due to the increasing demand for Solana, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Blockchain, we have seen the hourly price jump in other RPC and Decentralized APIs, however, if you use the discountable coins of Solana, Ankr, Alchemy, and QuickNode, then you can run them in other projects. Although it is beneficial for you if you are using free RPC Nodes, Free Blockchain Tools, and Storage then it can create issues in the long term for your web3 applications and NFTs Projects. However, most deploy nodes, stake their PoS tokens, and access decentralized finance (DeFi) applications require a strong and secure RPC and Decentralized API, so if you have an RPC like QuikeNode, Ankr, or Alchemy to your Blockchain. The future is also quite good and secure. Most of the Web developers and Blockchain developers know very well how important RPC and IPFS are for them because just like we run Databases, Cloud Storage, and Web Server on a normal VPS or Dedicated server, the way RPC (Remote procedure call) is also used in the same way for your API. Just as we use RestAPI and API to connect the database to the website, in the same way, RPC also connects the data of the application to the blockchain.

Why IPFS, RPC, and Web3 costs will surge in 2024, amid the highest Bitcoin Hash, TPS, and Demand of Blockchain development?

But recently it has been told that RPC and Blockchain API providers are now trying to increase their hourly rates because currencies and Blockchain like Solana, Ethereum, and Bitcoin are getting the highest hashrate and TPS. So in such a situation, Quicknode, Ankr, and others are also giving free reps and fees for Solana and Ethereum, now they can increase their monthly cost. After the arrival of all those Ordinals, there are chances that Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin NFTs, and BRC20 can also add Ankr, QuikeNode, and Alchemy’s RPC or Bitcoin Layer 2 networks. While it was impossible to bring Web3, NFTs, and BRC20 to Layer2 on Bitcoin Blockchain, now other RPC and Blockchain API providers can also create ties with them. While Bitcoin Core and Ordinals are having a bit of a negative impact on the Crypto Industry, BRC20 is capable of completing thousands of transactions on Satoshi in addition to Bitcoin, while RPC and Blockchain or the Bitcoin API can be diversified.  So if Bitcoin’s Ordinals, BRC20 and Ethereum, and Solana’s blockchain become cross chain then RPC and Blockchain API which many companies are currently providing for free, will not be able to get free RPC for a long time. 

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