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Cardano (ADA) price prediction, XRP Vs ADA why should we buy and hold before Bitcoin Halving : ADA coin 2024

Cardano (ADA) price prediction 2024, best cryptocurrencies, top best NFT projects on Cardano, ADA Vs XRP, top coins in US, Ethereum and Cardano ties up in developing decentralized dApps and DeFi, Shibarium looking for Cardano programs increase the global demand of ADA, top gainers and top losser cryptocurrencies in 2024.


The founder of the Cardano & ADA community of NFTs, Web3, and Fiat/Crypto pairs of ADA are ready to make new bullish and profitable ideas and strategies for all the holders and traders of Cardano. In the recent announcements of SEC about California’s top NFT collection told NFTs are the world’s top Unique storage and Unique Identity of Digital Assets to make impressive things with the digital creators and blockchain project developers who are mostly talking about the new bill in the SEC or US congress to make new legalize intentions about NFTs and Metaverse.

World’s top oldest cryptocurrency (ADA) to make more partnership ties with Ethereum and XRP.

Under the SEC of USA, most bills and drafts belong to Polygon, ETH, Bitcoin, XRP, and Cardano which is top famous American crypto currencies to monitor and make tie up with governments of the world to accept the new challenges in the US courts, decentralized proof, proof of ownership and developing new peer-to-peer to facilitate its internal cryptocurrency. Cardano is the world’s oldest cryptocurrency ready to make something big with Ethereum and XRP (Ripple) to become NFT’s & Proof Stake’s top first currency on the Blockchain after Ethereum & Bitcoin.

Cardano integrated their programs with Ethereum, Shibarium, and Layer 2 network to increase the demand for ADA coins again in 2024.

The Ethereum community is looking for the lowest fees, developments, dApps, collateral assets, Lending, borrowing, creativity, and deep ties with Shibarium and its project BONE & LEASH coins to deploy and burn the Shiba Inu from circulation. Ethereum’s Co-Founder Charles Hoskinson are looking to develop and provide and biggest liquidity in their projects to integrate their projects with Cardano, Ethereum, Layer 2, and Shibarium to make various friendly network-based coin of Ethereum and Cardano.

Why we should buy and Hold or stake Cardano (ADA) coins?

Cardano (ADA) is the world’s top cheapest token creating, building dApps,  scalable blockchain network to make more easiest ways to develop, make trading facility, scale the blockchain on NFTs, Metaverse and developing the coins and facilitate the all peer-to-peer transactions. We think Cardano going to become a top asset in the top 10 cryptos ranks to establish their value to the new generation developers on Cardano instead of Polygon, Ethereum, and Solana blockchain. Most top countries are looking to make decentralized CBDC with tie-ups with local reserve banks and national banks or AUMs (Assets Under Management) that want the future of institutions’ opportunities. Cardano price lowest since its lanched and the community of Ethereum and Cardano are looking to make some best trades and partnerships to integrate a new gross value of assets.

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