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Bonk Inu to make a new ATH During Bitcoin halving to 100X on Solana in 2024

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Doge themed coin of Solana is looking to offer various developments, and investing opportunities to the Solana community to increase the make a new Dogecoin on Solana to reach 100X in the Bitcoin halving in 2024. Solana has a new opportunity for those who investing in NFTs, Memecoin, DeFi & Web3 coins to increase the global demand of the Solana blockchain. Top NFT collectors, DeFi Managers & all the new projects are looking to increase the best market cap on the Solana when the price of the Solana coin jumped back from a dead chain on the blockchain.

All the projects on Solana got migrated into Ethereum, Polygon, and another blockchain to keep their worth from the Solana ecosystem to save the future of investors, traders, and creators on Solana.  Solana-based doge-themed coins just moving a big price move from the last 1 year to reach a new price pump in the future of blockchain. Bonk was the first coin to pump 50X in the last 8 months to create a new hope for the creators, investors, and traders. Bonk is not yet a scheme of shortterm trading, investing, and creating something, there are a lot of people who thoughts the Bonk Inu coin going to reach $0.01 USD during the halving of Bitcoin.

Bonk inu going to be accepted into the Decentralized finance, NFTs & Payment system to the global tier for the large scale of instant payments with fast meme coin to make profit and transfer funds to each other Solana wallet. The Bonk (Bonk Inu) community on Solana rapidly increasing the demand for web3 apps of Bonk-powered dApps, userfriendly, web3 games & blockchain strategies.

Magic Eden, Tensor Trade, NFT platforms, Crypto Exchanges, Web3 Domain are looking to add the Bonk Inu Strategy behind these projects, and payment-related options to increase the global revenue with Solana fast chain or smart contract of Solana to develop or make new API creativity over the behalf of Solana. All the global crypto & NFTs exchanges are looking to add Bonk Inu alternatively to make meme coin great on Solana Chain before it is late or roach upto 100X with bullish without falling down the price of meme coin lists of Solana.

Shiba, Floki, Pepe, and Baby Doge are in the top lists of Ethereum Blockchain and BONK & KING coins are top Solana-based coins to compete with each other to jump oftentimes. New games, DeFi & web3 are released through Bonk community to make new gaming, web3 & DeFi options for all the creators on Solana & any other blockchains. Bonk revealed the strategy of PEPE & SHIBA coin to attract the holders of its chain of Solana.

Bonk inu price prediction is the world’s top Solanabased dream of investors to make a new pump and get an upcoming listing of Bonk on Solana’s crypto exchanges & Binance or Coinbase to become the most tradeable coins on the blockchain. Binance going to list BONK inu instead of KING coin & other coins on the Solana and Ethereum. PEPE & Shiba still has added to best meme coin list of Ethereum to attract or approach everyone on the global top blockchain.

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