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BNB Coin Could Reach $2500, Binance ETFs, amid Agreement between Binance and SEC : Binance News

BNB Coin regulation in SEC and US Congress, Binance ETFs, Why are American crypto investors looking for Ethereum, Bitcoin, and BNB coins?, BNB coin Price Prediction of 2024, Bitcoin ETFs, Ethereum ETFs, and BNB ETFs. Bitcoin ETFs, Crypto Exchanges, Ethereum ETFs, BNB Coin ETFs in Europe and America. SEC will approve BNB coins as Commodities and Bitcoin regulations for Binance Crypto Exchange. SEC regulate BNB, Bitcoin and Ethereum for Binance Smart Chain.


There has been a conflict going on between Binance and SEC for the last 2 years and many Crypto investors want that they too can get good benefits of crypto in the long term. For the past few days, Binance, SEC, and US Congress have been making terrible rules in which Binance can pay up to $7 Billion USD to close all cases. if CZ (Binance CEO) wants to close the matter, no matter how many cases are filed against them in the SEC and the US. Currently, Binance and CZ have raised approximately $4.175 Billion and there are many Bitcoin ETFs, Crypto Exchanges are expected to pay much more in the future as no one has found Bitcoin ETFs yetThis simply means that the SEC wants to include the US Congress, US banks, and also the crypto industry which is very important for the future. There are some rumors going around now that if a deal is made between Binance, US Congress, US Banks and SEC then Bitcoin, Ethereum, and BNB coins will be accepted first.

Why are American crypto investors looking for Ethereum, Bitcoin, and BNB coins?

It is believed that BNB coins can earn more in the future because Ethereum and Bitcoin are already at their peak and the future of BNB depends on SEC and CZ. BNB Coins also has a market cap of Billions of USD and also has a higher Burn rate, NFT, DeFi, and holdings. So if a deal is made between SEC and Binance to trade in the United States, BNB, BUSD, and all Binance chain-related cryptocurrencies can make huge profits in one go. After this deal of SEC and Binance, interest in BNB Coin will increase among people and the BNB will be given more importance in SEC and European countries. Because after Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, and Polygon are highly valued, in this way SEC and US Banks will get more experience to buy BNB and take the International Decentralized market forward.

BNB coin Price Prediction of 2024, Bitcoin ETFs, Ethereum ETFs, and BNB ETFs.

According to the SEC, US Congress has to run a joint program with Binance so that after Bitcoin, and Ethereum they have to approve Solana or BNB in ​​which they can do their development fast and on Layer 2. Whenever any company or crypto exchange works with the SEC and US Congress, there is a 100% chance that it can help the SEC and US Congress in other big projects. BNB Coin is considered to be the best support of crypto exchange because BNB coin is the only expensive one in Binance Smart Chain. Because when the CEO of Binance gives billions of USD to the SEC and US Congress to give some freedom and securities they will also demand regulation of BNB, and building TVL, and he will make those projects dedicated to BNB Smart Chain. CZ (Chengpeng Zhao) and Binance could pay Billions of USD to the SEC, and US Congress but they can require BNB regulations and Binance ETFs in the future lie Bitcoin ETFs and Ethereum ETFs.

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