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BlackRock, ARK, Bitwise,VanEck, WisdomTree & Fidelity going bankruptcy and CEO Larry Fink re-files for BitcoinETF in USA & World

Bitcoin Become Global reserve Currency, BlackRock & Fidelity going bankruptcy, These banks are submitted for BitcoinETF Again, institutions are not Investing all the money in Stocks, Investing in Bitcoin, Crypto investors, Top Banks looking for Bitcoin Spot Trading, $25 Trillion USD are coming in Bitcoin and Crypto to reach Bitcoin Price at $1m in the end of year 2025. Banks re-files for BitcoinETF in USA, UK, Asia, Europe & African countries.


As per the US Bankrupty court for the Blackrock fund management corporations, CEO of BlackRock said. they will re-apply for the BitcoinETF and Crypto ETFs to re-born the banks of its Institutions to increase the global worth of Banks Market cap from global investors of blockchain technology. The Bitcoin friendly management bank, Blackrock filled for the Bankruptcy because Blackrock losing the vanguard. BlackRock CEO Larry Fink believes Bitcoin has the potential to revolutionize finance, Decentralized the banking Economy, attract the Global investors from Bitcoin instead of USD or Bond to make safe the journey of Bitcoin and Banking facilities. 

The BlackRock CEO going to Re-Apply for the BitcoinETF to attract the all the left Banks who ready to make a Bitcoin Alternative option in under the SEC (Security Exchange Commission) rules to offers the Bitcoin Services. $10 Trillion market capacity is under the Control of USD and they want to make a new investment from each other countries outside US & make a new choice for the top Asia, European & African.

The Global Inflations is worse with a single global assets like Gold & USD Bond, They want Bitcoin to divide the Global Inflations and prove the new Digital Gold facility on the Bitcoin or Blockchain automated virtual currency of Internet. The BlackRock, ARK & other Asset Management Firms are looking to make the new safety of digital assets for the future & Investing in decentralized government or rules of Bitcoin.

As per some sources on the Internet, Blackrock soon to face a big bankruptcy in the future of Stocks & Bond Investments because Institutions are interests in Blockchain Technology investments before the all world’s top banks are looking to integrate with Bitcoin andd Ethereum. All the Investing Digital platforms are making a alternative choice with Bitcoin and Ethereum to get a fully approvals from SEC & country wise Securities Commissions.

Here are the top banks who re-submmited All the Spot Trading for the BitcoinETF & EthereumETFs. 

Top Banks are Applied Again for the Bitcoin ETF to make the attractions of multinational banking facility in the over world. These Banks & SEC are fighting a ball about USD & Fiat to make safety of Public in the control of Centralized Banks but top assets managements banks are looking to make their own rights about payments, Security Fund, virtual currency, institutional choice, Digital Bitcoin based Bonds.

ARK Investing or 21 Shares are waiting for the SEC (Securities Exchages Commission) BitcoinETF approval from last 2 years to adopt Bitcoin into their Exchagnes, Platforms and other new ways of Investing in USA. There are hundreds of banks are in the list of BitcoinETF files like Top Bitwise,VanEck, WisdomTree & Fidelity banks who ready to begin a Bitcoin Spot Trading.

ARK Investing, BlackRock, Fidelity are says, bitcoin is an international asset which is based on global reserve currency to convert and cash out anywere in world. Bitcoin & Ethereum are a Alternative option for the top businessmen, traders, instant payments and trading facility with Bitcoin across the world without permission of each other countries Rules.

These all banks are already said, If institutions, international businessmens & all the online businesses are looking to get paid or paying each one in Bitcoin or Ethereum. then there would be a option to make all Assets Management, Regular Banks and Saving Accounts are ways to all banks falling to bankruptcy. After 2025, If Bitcoin reach $250,000, So All Future Investors are looking to add money into Bitcoin than Stocks, Mutual Funds and Staking.

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