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BitcoinOrdinals NFTs Soar with 7 Million Inscriptions, Should we invest in BRC20 or OrdinalsNFTs before Halving?

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World’s First or oldest Virtual  technology Bitcoin now accepted a lot of NFTs, Web3 & Bitcoin based tokens Inscriptions through OrdinalsNFTs for the Community of a decentralized blockhain with best Market Cap & earned +$40 Millions under first 4 Months of its launching. The Ordinals have best options to make Bitcoin more light weight and use this as payments, Proof Of Ownership & BTC20 Tokens to make a new lightening network for NFT collector and trust on the Bitcoin Blockchain with short support of Bitcoins.

The Current Ordinals Market value is $330 Million to $350 Millio USD in less than 4 month of its launches, despite the BRC20 Tokens and Ordinals NFTs are soars rapidly than any Token & NFTs on Ethereum or Solana are grows from last 1 years with dropping Floor Price from year 2022.

The OrdinalsNFTs made a lot of utilities for the Bitcoin & ordinals Community to grow the Decentralized market around world with best number of P/L starting with top Ordinals Inscriptions or top NFT collections on Ordinals Network of Bitcoin.

In this year 2023, all NFTs collections or top Ethereum or Solana based NFT projects like MadLads (Solana), Bored Ape Yatch Club, Azuki, Doodles & DeGods are sees drops their value of Floor price or low trades of the day on Solana & Ethereum blockchain because that all top projects are going to create something new on the Ordinals network to stay on the top Blockchain of Bitcoin with most top value than their Floor Price on Solana & Ethereum.

Top first best BRC20 token $ORDI (Ordinals) coin on Ordinals Network are rapidly moves Bullish because a lot of projects on Ordinals are coming for inscribe on the BitcoinBlocks’ with the support of Ordinals Networks and Ordinals Wallets. The ORDI is top and best token to buy or hold for the future of Bitcoin Halving, The coin $ORDI will reach a massive candle when the all NFTs & Tokens are going to have a perfect value on Bitcoin or Satoshi Ordinals Inscriptions.

In the 2025, Bitcoin Ordinals will reach approximately 1+ Billion of Incriptions if it is possible to handled by Bitcoin network with Soft power otherwise halving of Bitcoin will be a decrease the value of Miners more than -4X decrease to keep demand of Bitcoins.

Ordinals will grow the Bitcoin ecosystem more Web3 & DeFi freindly for the digital assets which inscribed on a satoshi, the lowest denomination of a Bitcoin (BTC) and create a new value of mechanism and might be more expensive gas fees than today. The old project holders on the Ethereum, Solana, Polygon and Doge are going to take a big entry on the Bitcoin Block to classify their value of Digital Collectible more expensive than other Blockchains.

Bitcoin lightning network will be the next assets for paymets and proof of stake to make instantly over the whole Bitcoin Blockchain with single click and instant results. The Bitcoin lightning network might going to replace all the Ordinals & BRC20 transctions to get a fast improvements on the blockchain.

The BRC20 & Ordinals are on the same way to spread the Bitcoin Inscription to the world’s top most powerfull cryptocurrency named Bitcoin & Virtual Currency. every day thausands or Ordinals Inscriptions are getting new Identity on the Bitcoin to perform with best number of holding & all the new numbers are belong to top NFT collections which is made for the increasing demand or other’s chain NFT holders.

Top Ethereum & Solana developers are going to give unique value to lock their NFT into Ordinals by burning that NFTs on the other chains to grow both side of markets like Solana NFT & Ethereum NFTs burns and make new one Bitcoin or create BRC20 to reward whole community.

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