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BitcoinETF will Increase Microstrategy’s Worth by $20Billion for 2025 : Bitcoin Price In 2025

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MicroStrategy has suffered the highest losses for the last 2 years and today MicroStrategy Companies has become the world’s top profitable crypto-based company. Despite the losses in these 2 years, MicroStrategy never made its investment worth less and instead bought Bitcoin whose price had come to around $30,000 and at that time MicroStrategy kept buying Bitcoin for almost $15,000. It is believed that by 2024, Microstrategy’s investment could earn more than 250% of the total revenue, and apart from this, Microstrategy is reducing its tax, employment charges and energy charges to zero. In the future, Microstrategy will be able to invest in the world’s top Bitcoin-friendly companies, where they can get different investments from the whole world. it also seems that in the next few years, Microstrategy will be able to invest again in the stocks/shares of their companies if Bitcoin ETFs.

Microstrategy will become the world’s top Bitcoin Company by 2025.

If Bitcoin ETFS is accepted everywhere or only through SEC, Microstrategy will be the largest company in the world that can do the most payments and international transactions in Bitcoin. If the price of Bitcoin goes to $150k then MicroStrategy’s total revenue will be almost 5x and the total profit will be worth $20b in 2 years. Microstrategy is a total company worth $4B which has earned more than 10% annual profit for the last few years but after investing in Bitcoin, Microstrategy can earn almost 1000% profit in the next 2 years. It is believed that Michael Saylor can become the world’s biggest crypto billionaire in the next 5 years. In many countries and the United States, the most can be made profitable company is Microstrategy, and ElSalvador, Switzerland, the US, UAE, and Bitcoinfriendly countries can also invest their money in Microstrategy against top US companies.

Microstrategy will become the top company with an annual gain of $5+ from Bitcoin.

Microstrategy has made a profit gain of 100M+ in the recent Bitcoin price increase which is the biggest amount for a normal company. Experts believe that this is just the beginning, the price of Bitcoin can go from $150K to $1M in the near future because the world’s top banks, AUMs (Assets Under Management), and financial sectors are moving towards Bitcoin. All the risks are there, but in the coming time, all the risks, volatility, and uncertainty associated with Bitcoin will end. if all the banks of the world, and investors start moving towards Bitcoin and the Decentralized world then Bitcoin will be under $100K which will also be quite difficult.

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