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Bitcoin Will flips Saudi Aramco, Apple and Microsoft in March 2024 : Bitcoin News

Saudi Aramco, Apple and Microsoft investing in Bitcoin, Renewable Energy, Qatar, UAE, and Saudi Arabia adopt Bitcoin, El-Salvador, SEC, US Congress, BlackRock, Startups, and Qatar are trying to buy Bitcoin and Trade with Bitcoin. Bitcoin News for Middle East, US and Europe. Middle East to purchase Bitcoin, Nvidia, gold and Renewable energy stocks in 2024.


Currently, due to Bitcoin ETFs and Bitcoin halving news, experts of big companies have also believed that Bitcoin can flip companies like Saudi Aramco, Apple, and Microsoft in 2024. Because currently the wealth and international funds of El-Salvador, SEC, US Congress, BlackRock, Startups, and Qatar are trying to reserve Bitcoin and hence this is the worst news for Apple, Aramco, and Microsoft. Currently, approximately $300B has been added to the market cap of Bitcoin in the last 4 months, which is much of a shock for large companies, banks, and assets managers. Apple, Saudi Aramco, and Microsoft have also believed that the price of Bitcoin can go up to $100K in the year 2024 and hence they are also now short on Nvidia (AI), Blockchain-based stocks, and renewable energy. Also, people in the US, Europe, and Indo-Pacific are investing in Bitcoin but others in Saudi, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, and Oman are mostly investing in crypto, blockchain, startups, and renewable energy, which means that Bitcoin is a long-term investment. In Arab can be done in large Bitcoins quantities in the Middle East. The Crypto and Bitcoin ETFs application may be approved by SEC and MiCA to offer Bitcoin trading, FUTURES, and Bitcoin bonds in 2024.


Recently, Apple, Microsoft, and Saudi Aramco have so much money that it is more than the economy of many countries. In such a situation, those companies want their global dominance should continue and their name among the top companies should also remain for a long time, but now the ever-increasing dominance of Bitcoin is not only a threat to the companies but is a challenge for the entire internet world. Recently it has been reported that there is about $250 billion in interest per month on the Bitcoin domain which is continuously coming into Bitcoin.

Why are Energy Stock, Bitcoin-based Stocks, Crypto, AI, and Blockchain companies value surge in 2024?

Currently, Qatar, UAE, and Saudi Arabia are moving towards Bitcoin which means that the Middle East is investing in a new energy whose value will be more than gold, silver, and companies and that is Bitcoin. Recently I have been told that Saudi Arabia is a country where the growth of Crypto transactions is increasing because most of the Apple users in the world are in Saudi Arabia. Most of them hold Apple phones in the US but if we talk about the total population in the rest of the world, 75% of the population of Saudi Arabia uses Apple smartphones. Due to all this in Saudi, they purchase Apple stocks, Microsoft stocks, and Bitcoin through Apple phones. The good thing is that any other country in the Middle East can hold Crypto, Bitcoin, and NFTs as per their wish and there is no tax on holding and buying.

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