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Bitcoin prices are soaring for all time in South American countries, Argentina, Binance US Courts, Futures & Leverages

Binance files Court Order Against SEC, Coinbase, ByBit and Binance to open trading platform in Argentina and other South American countries, Top South American banks are going to tie up with US stocks & Crypto trading platforms, Argentina looking to adopt Bitcoin and ETH, Ripple Accepted for Payment protocols, South America investing with CBDC of XRP to Bitcoin. Price prediction of Bitcoin in 2024, Crypto in South American countries.


Top countries of South America are rapidly growing demand for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple payment protocols to adopt Bitcoin as a trading facility for global investments. Top countries like Argentina, Peru, Columbia, El Salvador, and Costa Rica are looking to get Bitcoin related payment gateway to use Bitcoin in domestic or international fund transctions. Bitcoin prices are rapidly making a new ATH (All Time High) in Argentina‘s crypto exchanges and going everyday expensive during the recent government with the majority winning of the new pro-Bitcoin president of Argentina.

Top South American banks are going to tie up with US stocks & Crypto trading platforms.

Top banks in the South United States are looking to file for Bitcoin applications with large assets under management of up to $1 trillion USD to manage all their investment and AUM’s funds into the Bitcoin decentralized payment protocol or digital payment solutions. the winning of Argentina’s majority may change some financial rules related to crypto and bitcoin trading facility to use the strategy of El-Salvador.

Binance to file a new court order against SEC & its commissioners to stop illegal trading on Bitcoin Futures or perpetual.

Binance Crypto Exchange may file Court Orders against the SEC & Their commissioner about the illegal trade of Bitcoin perpetual with Short & Long positions. Binance or Coinbase may provide the lightning or best payment gateways to new countries of South America to trade Bitcoin or Crypto from their own currencies. Gary Gensler and the SEC top commissioner traded Bitcoin Leverages without a law or regulation to make the maximum loss of the Bitcoin community to fill one’s own pocket.

ByBit, & Binance to provide Bitcoin services to top South American countries.

Binance, Coinbase, Bybit & may support the Fiat/Crypto facility to begin trading chances to Argentina, Peru, Columbia, Brazil & Mexican people to trade without permission of USD or International issues about Bitcoin trades. In the recent election in Argentina now finally got a Pro-Bitcoin candidate wins elections in Argentina with a 28% of its winning rate to adopt Bitcoin soon the near future. Top United State’s richest businesses are investing a large amount in Bitcoin, ETH, and Ripple via Brazil and gateways of south american countries.

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