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Bitcoin Price falling, EU and US freeze all Crypto Assets linked to Hamas and Hezbollah, EU investing in Bitcoin : cryptocurrency

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Recently, amidst the IsraelHamas war, another new threat has come to cryptocurrencies in the world in which withdrawal of accounts of all Hamas and Iranbacked groups in Europe, and Middle East Africa has been banned or their accounts have been frozen. Freezing of accounts is done through Crypto Exchanges on Bitcoin wallets, freezing Crypto wallets is not in the hands of any exchange or authority because Bitcoin and Crypto are mostly decentralized. It is believed that Hamas hijacked the crypto accounts of people in Europe, Asia, and Africa, and their funds were stolen or transferred. This means that France, UK, India, Israel, Germany, Poland, US, Canada, and some other countries can take big action against the crypto industry and it will have much impact on the price of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies if they cash out. This will have a huge impact on the price of Bitcoin till then, in which Bitcoin has the power to reach up to $20K USD.

Why are Israel & the US or the EU banning Crypto trades in their countries?

The attack on Israel has raised the possibility of a new war for the whole world in which most of the investors, Israelis, and other citizens of the world are fleeing the country and going to other places to save their money and investments. Many people had already left Israel since rumors began to arise that the biggest attack on Israel could happen in the future. And most people invest in Bitcoin and crypto so that they can keep their future safe whether the crypto market is trending or not. The recent attack on Israel has become bad news for people all over the world and anyone who has invested in crypto. By the way, Israel and their friendly countries think that Hamas is funded through Crypto accounts and that Crypto Exchange may also be included in this. Many crypto exchanges have even said that they are going to close all trades for now and people involved in futures may also lose their money.UK, France, and Germany are still sending notices to many crypto exchanges and are also blocking small crypto exchanges. However, there is another problem, Israel, the Middle East, and European people also believe that this war should not get bigger and that their investments in stocks and mutual funds should not get ruined because most of the investments made in Israel belong to foreigners.

Why Middle East and European investors are looking to invest in Bitcoin and Crypto?

On the other hand, Bitcoin is also getting the support of big people in which it is said that we should learn from what happened in Ukraine and World should keep Bitcoin in investments to solve global financial solutions. So that all the money in the cycle of stocks, forex, and currency does not get lost in Israel or any war. Bitcoin is the world’s top secure investment and anyone can convert their investments into Physical cash without permission.  People of many countries also want Bitcoin can be a new strategy for the world which will also provide the best instant services and can also increase the price of Bitcoin in the coming times.

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