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Bitcoin Price could reach $75K amid SEC Approves Ethereum ETFs for Investors: Bitcoin News

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Currently, the SEC has given Bitcoin ETFs, but there are still a lot of changes that will be implemented by the SEC regarding Investment, Portfolio Management, First Bitcoin Trade, Assets, and Crypto Taxes, after getting BitcoinETFs, now Bitcoin price can go up to $75,000 that is the one making all-time high. After the SEC’s approval of BitcoinETFs, now the world’s top investors are starting to invest in Bitcoin and there are chances of getting billions of USD on Bitcoin. currently, without BitcoinETFs and Crypto Regulation, Bitcoin made its all-time high of approximately $70K USD and that too due to the previous Bitcoin Halving, Forex, and crypto interests. So it seems that in the future of Bitcoin, other US Government, US Congress, and Bitcoin daily traders also want BlackRock to invest billions of USD in Bitcoin ETFs in which the deal between SEC, US Banks, and Investors will continue to be successful.

Why SEC will Approve Ethereum ETFs amid the approval of Bitcoin ETFs?

Currently, there are some concerns that the SEC may also accept Ethereum ETFs in the future as now Ethereum ETFs for Ethereum, DeFi, Web3, and digital solutions can be approved by the SEC. Recently, after Bitcoin, now SEC has its eye on the overall market of cryptocurrencies due to which SEC wants to take over the top cryptos and coins. It is possible that after the rise in Bitcoin ETFs and more and more investments by investors, there will be an alternative option like Ethereum ETFs near SEC which can help in bringing the creators, developers, finance, and business industry forward. In such a situation, Ethereum ETFs will be needed a lot to connect Bitcoins, Memecoin, DeFi, NFTs, and many projects coming in the future. For now, the world is focused on BitcoinETFs, but in the future, SEC can also give commercial approval to Ethereum like Layer1, Layer 2, and Fastest Blockchain to open alternative opportunities to Bitcoin.

Why Bitcoin Could Reach $75,000 USD Amid Bitcoin ETF Approvals, Crypto Taxes vs Crypto Exchanges?

Currently, Bitcoin has settled in the hearts of institutional investors by taking Bitcoin ETFs and it is expected that in the future, there will be even more announcements by taking Bitcoin which will secure USD, Crypto/Forex, Gold, and Commodities. And now after getting Bitcoin ETFs, US Banks, Assets Management, and algorithm makers will also try to deal with crypto/Fiat which will be under the SEC and US Congress. Because now perhaps due to Bitcoin fees, Global Securities Commission and Crypto/Forex trading companies will also diversify their business globally. Bitcoin ETFs have just started, but in the future, some rules can also be made on Crypto Securities, Crypto taxes, crypto exchanges, and fiat/forex trade. Even after the launch of Bitcoin ETFs, people still want to own Bitcoin but top investors, institutions, and cryptography developers believe that the SEC and US Congress should take strict action on Crypto Exchanges to make Bitcoin more secure in the future.

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