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Bitcoin never be effected by SEC, US CPI, FOMC & Global investing Rules : Bitcoin Price $100K

Bitcoin beats the CPI, FOMC & other US & Global rules about Tax on Bitcoin. Bitcoin Whitepaper for Bond & Gold Holders, BlackRock & ARK Investing CEOs & Bank Employees are holds Bitcoin. Biggest Banks are Blockchain technology of Bitcoin. CPI rate, FOMC Report, Bitcoin Vs SEC, US CPI, FOMC, Global investing platforms for Bitcoin.


Bitcoin is the most powerful & decentralized currency whose not been affected by more high or bearish victim due to US or SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) rules in history. Most numbers of Stocks companies, Shares, Forex investing & Mutual funds are affected most by every announcement of US, CPI data, FOMC & other investment fundamentals. Recently the US CPI rate is equal to 3% which is very great to see on the global market to make new ideas or ways about investments. Bitcoin always affected at least $1000 to $2000, but a large amount of falls down are not possible to fall or destroy any crypto which not in the control of the Centralized government of any country. Bitcoin is a decentralized currency of computers, and Internet & miners to hold the rights of transfers and buy or sell the coins on the global CEX or DEX exchanges.

Bitcoin going to reach $100K in the year 2024, because it’s the first time going to make a all-time high above $100K USD in History. BlackRock, ARK investing, and other top assets management companies are looking to save the future of Institutions. Thereby, up to $30 Trillion USD are coming to the Blockchain technology of Bitcoin to create new ways for global investors to attract top assets management partnerships.

There is no matter how the CPI Rate, FOMC, or Inflation rate are doing, Bitcoin’s mechanisms are looking to increase the demand for a global decentralized market cap into the world. Perhaps, Bitcoin could be the next Global Reserve currency to manage all the world’s payments and transactions into a single demanded blockchain.

CPI and FOMC reports are showing the best results of investors, traders, shareholders, stock brokers & new investing options to all the institutions. Still, new investors are trusting Bitcoin because of its limited, tax-free, bankless, permissionless, and Commissionless & without needs of Bank’s Accounts & access through banks to Bitcoin.

United States Dollar & EURO are won’t affect the Bitcoin & Crypto prices, Global companies, Countries, tourism, education, abroad all investments are going through Bitcoin & Its lightning network. Bitcoin Halving is the biggest opportunity for investors, Bitcoin miners, Node Creators, and Developers to attract the world with new price lists of rewards and auto demand of Bitcoin to decrease the reward or earnings source.

Bitcoin is a lightning network for the digital payment system to let the world accept because its other Utilities, service, and tax-free, instant transactions anywhere. Top Assets Managements companies Blackrock & ARK investing’s CEO, CFO, Employees, Workers and users are holds their most number of Bitcoin to make safe of your investments. There are most of Bond & Gold holders are looking to convert their property into Bitcoin after reviewing the Bitcoin Whitepaper & real decentralization.

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