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Bitcoin and Ethereum will liquidate $50B Future’s Shorts in 2024 : Bitcoin Futures

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Currently, we have seen huge growth of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Altcoins in the last few months and now due to Bitcoin (BTC) ETFs and Ethereum (ETH) ETFs, it seems that in the future the Bitcoin price may cross $100K and the price of Ethereum may cross $10K. However, many crypto investors still believe that the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum will see a big drop one time and the price of Bitcoin will go below almost $15K but now BitcoinETFs and Bitcoin Whales have seen a continuous increase in their bitcoin holdings. But now the price of bitcoin is becoming stable or increasing which is going to make more profits for bitcoin investors in the future but now the popular shorts of Bitcoin and Ethereum, Perpetuals and Bitcoin Futures, and other big ones are falling. Now that Bitcoin and Ethereum have seen significant price declines, the biggest losses are likely to occur for futures or crypto options traders.

Why Bitcoin and Ethereum will liquidate $50B USD in 2024, Will Bitcoin hit $100K?

Currently, there is a rumor among big companies that the price of Bitcoin will cross $100K before Bitcoin halving but it is believed that even the big Bitcoin Whales are buying Bitcoin and their bitcoin price prediction is $500K. But if Bitcoin price crosses $100K and the Ethereum price crosses $3500 then all the shorts of BTC or ETH in the world will end and there will be a loss of approximately $50B for the world’s top investors. Because for the last several months, the price of Bitcoin was between $30k-$40k where long perpetual and futures were the most traded. But now it is believed that if Bitcoin price reaches $100K then all other shorts of Bitcoin or Ethereum will be closed which will be the biggest blow to Bitcoin bearish. But if Bitcoin LONG holders suddenly close their bitcoin or Ethereum Long Perpetuals and take their profits then there will be a huge crisis in the liquidity of the Bitcoin option. So now I have studied Bitcoin and new data has shown that if Bitcoin crosses $60K then all the shorts of bitcoin Option trading in the world will be liquidated. And if Ethereum crosses $3500, it is possible that all SHORT Options trading running on Ethereum may be liquidated. Bitcoin crossing $60k and Ethereum crossing $3,500 would result in losses of approximately $50b USD across all crypto shorts positions.

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