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Binance going Bankruptcy amid SEC, US Congress and BlackRock’s action on CZ: Cryptocurrency News

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Currently, many types of allegations are being made against CZ (Chegpeng Zhao) and there are also cases against CZ for illegal funding due to all these, CZ may have to stay in US custody for some time. It is being speculated that the ex-Binance CEO may also be accused of other types of charges like the last 5 years of trading, Unregistered BUSD, Own Decentralized (BNB) currency, and many more. So far CZ facing allegations and from the $4 Billion and $175 bail charges paid by Binance, it is difficult to understand that if Binance has settled everything, then now what does the SEC and the US Government want from Binance? – Is the SEC’s plan to regulate Binance or to make Binance bankrupt? – And this is also possible. As long as the control of the companies is in the hands of their owners, till the time it comes to court and proceedings, it becomes a problem for the entire company, investors, team, and founder. Well, everyone can believe that Binance is a secure, fast, and top crypto exchange. But you must have heard the name of Silicon Valley or FTX.

Why do BlackRock, SEC & US Congress want up to 60% dominance on Crypto to accuse the global crypto exchanges?

Recently CZ has appealed to SEC to release him and send him back to Dubai, but will SEC be able to do so? – It is definitely possible but Binance US is also a bit difficult to make it work on crypto/fiat in America. Because Crypto does not have control like any other centralized bank in the future there may be illegal transactions like before and once again there may be trouble for Binance US. Every bank and company wants its crypto to have as much dominance as it has in fiat, USD, and global forex, so this would be a little less possible. If any man gets control over the Central Bank, Central Laws, and Central Companies, then he should understand that most of the countries will not be able to expel him properly nor will he be able to run away from him. This means we can see the falling dominance of the USD. The crypto industry has attracted every industry across the world and everyone wants to hold crypto and virtual assets. So in such a situation, when the banks and financial sectors of Europe and the US are bent on getting crypto regulated, then understand what the power of Binance, FTX, and Crypto Exchanges will be.

Do SEC, BlackRock, and those banks want to invest in crypto?

Currently, the SEC has stepped down CZ from Binance, which means that in the coming few months, Binance, FTX, Kraken, and Robinhood will either close their business or they will face SEC’s law.  Because SEC and US banks want to regulate Bitcoin and Crypto Exchanges like USD and gold so that they remain secure in log turns like Stocks, Bonds, and Gold. So in such a situation, there are chances that many countries can increase investment in crypto and bitcoin, and with all that money, the currency and the dollar will get a new idea. And it is also possible that the SEC, BlackRock, and US banks themselves want to invest but if their investments benefit Bitcoin whales or altcoin holders then it could create the biggest financial crisis for the SEC.

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