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Biggest Bitcoin crash incoming, BlackRock and Fidelity will Sell huge Bitcoin in 2024

Bitcoin price falls in 2024, Why are BlackRock, Fidelity, US banks, Financial Sectors, and Institutional investors selling Bitcoin?, CryptoCrash in 2024, Upcoming Bitcoin crash, BitcoinETFs and US banks sells Bitcoin. Top investors, US banks, ETF providers and financial sells Huge Bitcoin 2024.


Currently, looking at Bitcoin, the world’s top investors, banks, ETF providers and financial experts believe that Bitcoin has increased from approximately $36000 to $52000 in the last 3 months. But now due to the bullish season of Bitcoin, many big investors have started thinking bearish again which will be quite complicated till the Bitcoin price reaches $100K. In the future, most of the top Bitcoin and crypto investors are planning to sell a huge Bitcoin supply if the Bitcoin price stabilizes at $55,000 or $60,000 USD to recover their business, financial, ETFs, and banking losses. although, top Bitcoin investors like Microstrategy, El Salvador, and Blackrock are permanently moved with Bitcoin and buying all the Bitcoin prices below the $100K the top Bitcoin Whales may sell large Bitcoin supply if there are Bitcoin’s next all-time highs like $100K or above the previous bull run prices.  And in all these, there are many bitcoin investors who want to develop ETFs, Stocks, and global fiat market conditions in the future, and after getting 2X or 5X profit on Bitcoin for their dominance, they sell all those bitcoins for their companies, businesses, and Investment in financial sectors will increase.

Why are BlackRock, Fidelity, US banks, Financial Sectors, and Institutional investors selling Bitcoin?

There is Microstrategy which has already made a profit of almost billions of USD on Bitcoin and in the future they can sell 50% of the supply of Bitcoin for the growth of Microstrategy Stock, Employment, and Companies and to enter the new US market in which Bitcoin People will also buy below $50K and companies will also get new hope. Currently, there are about 11 Bitcoin ETFs running in the US market and for now, many companies are trying their best to buy Bitcoin but when Bitcoin crosses $100K or $200K companies like BlackRock, Fidelity, and Vanguard will start selling it in the US. Bitcoin will be sold to gain entry into the market and strengthen the stocks. Along with this, after making Bitcoin volatile again, companies will buy huge Bitcoins which will be the biggest hope of Bitcoin holders in the future. But this time if Bitcoin crosses $250K its biggest resistance support will be $50K and that will be a new opportunity for BlackRock, Fidelity, Vanguard, Microstrategy, and US banks to take entry. If BlackRock, Fidelity, and Grayscale get big investments globally then perhaps there will be no need to sell their Bitcoin to companies in the future. Now if Bitcoin prices cross $100K and there is no inflation or reduction in the US due to any companies or ETFs. then Bitcoin can even see up to $1M but if that happens US or Chinese companies like Evergreen, and Silicon Valley will do an incident then 25% of the supply of Bitcoin can be sold.

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