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60% of Turkey Population own Crypto & Bitcoin, Crypto Legal in Turkey? : Bitcoin ETFs in EU

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In a Survey in Turkey, Most of the population of Turkey own Crypto, NFTs, and Bitcoin in their wallet for investment future with Stocks, Forex, and Bitcoin becoming a part of their portfolios. The Altcoins, Bitcoin experts confirm that Bitcoin and Crypto mostly owned in Turkey with the top of the country’s population with at least everyone knowing what is Bitcoin, Crypto, and NFTs and their Future of global dominance. Turkish Population in Europe, Trading Bitcoin, Pay in Bitcoin Lightning Network and Turkey Become the world’s first where is mostly people use Digital Payments like CBDC and Crypto in their Domestic and borderless payments in EU countries.

Crypto Adoption in Turkey in Europe, Top Investors in Europe.

Crypto Adoption is ready to take a new place in Turkey after China, ElSalvador and Turkish investing in the future of digital gold and Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Shib, and Solana are the most popular cryptos in Turkey in part of Asia & European Turkish. Turkish Lira’s prices are rapidly dropping because of a large amount of Crypto Holders in Turkey in Bitcoin and Ethereum. In the future, Turkish Governments may adopt  Cryptos and Bitcoin-backed Turkish Lira to increase global dominance after the USD, YEN, EUR, and YUAN. According to KuCoin In Europe, most Turkish Populations are holding Cryptos in their Digital Wallets to make profitable portfolios in the future of Turkey.

Turkey going to legalize, adopt, and invest in Crypto in the future or until 2025.

Turkey going to offer the Utility, investments, and EFTs for Bitcoin, Mining, and banking facilities with Crypto and Blockchain technology to grow the world together in the future of Institutions, developers, and creators from Turkey to have a bright future with the strategy of blockchain. Turkey going to tie up with Digital Fiat, PayPal, Nigeria, Brazil, and top Crypto Friendly countries to allow the global investors of Crypto and Bitcoin. When Turkish Native national currency can drop up to 80% or more in a single candle against the USD, there will be a bright research of Turkish people to Use Crypto Ideas to migrate their economy with digital currencies and Digital assets to pump back the official Physical currency of Lira backed by Altcoins.

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