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$25 Trillion these new Fund management bank & company files for spot Bitcoin ETF in 2023

Top global exchange traded and exchange-traded product fund banks & company are looking for BitcoinETFs which worths going to be $25 Trillion into Bitcoin ETFs in 2025. Germany banks , UK banks, France banks, Italian banks, Swiss banks, Netherlands banks, Sweden banks & russian banks are files for Bitcoin & Ethereum ETFs. Top banks in Blockchain technology, Bitcoin & international currency, WisdomTree ETFs, investors, traders, Stock Traders & banks of 2025.


New York based WisdomTree global exchange traded and exchange-traded product fund and asset manager of United States are looking to files for Bitcoin ETFs for the investors, major ETF providers of United State are going for Bitcoin ETF as a first time offers bitcoin related Crypto/Fiat trading pairs in USD. The Apply for Bitcoin Spot following Blackrock, Fidelity’s & $1.4 trillion Deutsche Bank recent thoughs about fillings over Bitcoin ETFs related programms to make own Crypto Exchanges with partnering with top banks like Fidelity, BlackRock which top in Europe and best in United States.

The world’s top banking services & WisdomTree ETFs providers are looking for the top sevices to offers for investors, traders, Stock Traders & banks. WisdomTree goinbg globally with top banks ETFs programs of 2025. In the 2015, mostly banks, top investors, billionaries, traders are rejected the Bitcoin trading facility because of governments & decetralization, now from 2020 to banks & gold holders are migrating their funds with Bitcoin & ETFs to make their investment’s security with Bitcoin Blockchain and saving the Taxes.

Vanguard, BlackRock, Fidelity, State Street, Invesco, Deutsche Bank  & WisdomTree  are going to migrate their pairs & ETFs with Bitcoin to make alternative global payment system across the world. The top global exchange traded fund managements are looking for own crypto exchanges & make something new with Coinbase in US & Binance for Europe to partnership with newly made technology to start accepting Blockchain technology for top investors, traders & security fund. 

Atleast, $25 Trillion USD worths of top management bank,  Fund management company of Europe, America & Middle East are moving forward for the new investment ratio for the investors of future. Mostly banks are files spot trading for Bitcoin & Ethereum ETFs than other crypto or coins to secure funds without having a issues with blockchain, hacking and high level cyber security.

In Europe, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, Russian & top ETF issuers are files for the top ETFs in Bitcoin ETFs & Ethereum ETFs in europe to serve the new security, investments and trading pairs for trader, without holidays of trading issues or sundays. most numbers of banks will be serve for their country related transactions for their government & businessmen to ignore international currencies like USD, YEN, YUAN, GBP and EUR of each other countries.

Putin & Ukraine both are looking for the Bitcoin payment system to trade or export/import from allies countries to kill USD from Europe & Asia whether they are fighting for lands and country. Russian Banks soon are making ETFs proposal with Chinese Yuan or MIR (Payment system) to invest in China & Russian market together without SWIFT & other international payment systems.

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