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Could NATO attack Israel through Lebanon, Why US and NATO relationship falling?: Israel Hezbollah War

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Many countries believe that because of the war between Israel and Hamas, Israel’s military can also attack Lebanon, so the question is whether EU countries can Retailiate Israel. Because Germany, Canada, the UK, France, Italy, the US, and the International have a military presence in Lebanon, its direct effect can be seen between NATO, Israel, and Hezbollah. Because it seems that there is a war going on between Israel, Hezbollah, and Hamas but if a third country enters into this matter then understand that Lebanon can enter first. Currently, Germany, Canada, the US, the UK, and France have deployed forces in Lebanon, it is believed that if a war breaks out between Lebanon and Israel due to Hezbollah, NATO can also get involved in it.

Is NATO can to attack Israel from Lebanon?

Israel says that Hezbollah can enter the war, and the Lebanese Army says that they can also enter this war. So in such a case it also seems that the army and forces of NATO, EU, and many other countries can attack Israel. Its main reason is that many countries can support Lebanon because it has access to Lebanon’s other territorial waters, arms smuggling, Building capacities, Training the Lebanese navy, Monitoring and securing the 225-km-long Lebanese maritime border. It is a geographically important country for the EU. Many countries can support Lebanon’s military and political situation due to economic development, human rights, trade, the Syrian refugee crisis, political dialogue, free movement of goods, and economic, social, and cultural cooperation with Lebanon.

Why EU need Lebnan more than Israel, Why is there a rift between America and NATO?

If any of the NATO countries have the largest army, it is in Lebanon, whereas in Israel only the US Army is deployed. Even if a war breaks out between Hezbollah and Israel, NATO countries will always support Lebanon. Similarly, for Russia and China there is Syria, Iran, and Iraq, similarly for America there is Israel and for NATO and EU countries, there is Lebanon. If America does anything for Israel, Russia will take any decision for Syria, Iran, and Qatar for Hamas, NATO will take any decision for Lebanon because there is no special relationship between Syria and NATO. In particular, EU countries would never want Europe to face the biggest inflation, refugee, and political crises amid the war between Israel and Hamas.

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