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Could Israel launch a nuclear attack on Gaza, Syria, Iran and Lebanon? : Israel-Gaza War

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Israeli media and world media thought Israel to fight Gaza, it is a matter of Israel’s existence and every country wants to use any weapon in its defense. In this way, it is believed that Israel can launch a nuclear attack, is this the biggest threat to Gaza? – Well, every media of the world is watching the IsraelHamas war from their own perspective and wants this war to end. There are many reasons for the war not stopping and there are many disadvantages for the war to proceed further. Because the IsraelGaza war has been going on for many years, whether it is political or the reality after the Hamas attack. Because this time, the way Hamas has attacked, every country in the whole world has felt a threat from its enemy countries. Yemeni Houthi also targeting the Israeli Nuclear Facilities and it may also be a new provocation for the Israeli army.

Now there are calls within Israel and beyond to take strict action against Hamas and Gaza, up to the point of nuclear attack. A similar atmosphere is visible inside Israel’s Knesset. It also seems that if the war continues and many foreign powers attack Israel, then a similar situation of Nuclear War may arise in the entire Middle East. If America remains busy in some other warzone and withdraws its entire army from the Middle East, the IsraelHamas war will continue for a long time and will cause great harm to the world. Because, the target of nuclear attack for Israel will not be Gaza but countries like Iran, Syria, and Lebanon. Because Israel believes that these countries are the ones who supported Hamas, but for their safety, either surrender or end the war with a nuclear attack.

Will Israel actually launch a nuclear attack on Gaza?

Now, for now, things like nuclear attacks are not being tolerated in the world because till now only Israel has killed the maximum number of people, and still no one is supporting Israel at the international level. Now it is believed that if the IsraelHamas war continues as long as the UkraineRussia war, will Israel carry out a nuclear attack? – The answer to this question is till Gaza, No. But if Syria, Iraq, and Iran all attack Israel then in the Middle East Israel can launch a nuclear attack on Iran, Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon. Till now, both Israel and Hamas have different demands for a ceasefire. But if this war gets more heated, perhaps this war may reach the level of nuclear attack. Because due to this, no country, be it America, NATO, EU, Middle East, or Asia, ever declared open war.

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