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Coinbase stock will reach $1000 in 2024 amid ETFs, Crypto Investors, Bitcoin Halving : US Stock News

Coinbase Stock price, Binance and $COIN will offers Stocks, BitcoinETF, Cathie Wood Vs CoinBase, SEC against Coinbase and Crypto Exchanges, Why Coinbase Stocks price will surge up to $1000 in 2024 from $130 USD?. Coinbase stock price reach $1000 USD in 2024.


Currently, due to Israel War, US Sanctions, US Interest Rates, and USD reserve, many countries in the Stock Market have increased investment in things like Coin, Crypto, and Bitcoin for the future, in which the price of Coinbase’s $COIN stocks is continuously increasing. In such a situation, Cathie Wood and many institutions hold $Coin stock. By the way, in the year 2023, the price of one share of $COIN stock has increased from about $40 USD to $130 which has given quite good profit revenue in the whole year. Because $COIN share is a single share that is listed on NASDAQ and all US Stock Exchanges as securities and long-term investments. Due to the increasing demand for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Crypto, and NFTS, Coinbase ($COIN) has recently acquired several companies, institutional funds, and partnerships from its side.

Why Coinbase Stocks price will surge up to $1000 in 2024 from $130 USD?

Recently, Crypto experts and studies have revealed that Coinbase’s share can almost reach $1000 in 2024. The reason behind this is BlackRock, Chinese Bank, and foreign funds which are going to reduce the SEC and US Congress. Anyway, there are many America platforms within it that work with those regulators and work together on centralized and decentralized technology. Recently Coinbase has started to integrate its ties with Solana, Ethereum, Memecoin, Bitcoin Mining, Bitcoin Halving, Web3, and future-related Blockchain technology. Also, CoinBase ($COIN) is the only such platform that can tie up with big companies, US asset management, and US banks. Anyway, the market cap of Coinbase is also quite good which is $32b USD. Outside of the US, there are still a lot of negative points for Binance, Coinbase, and FTX. There are chances for the value of Coinbase ($COIN) to increase in long-term holdings for USD.

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