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Civil War in Whole Europe, If Macron Lost, leftist vs rightist : France Election

Civil War in Europe, France Election, leftist vs rightist in Europe, russia ukraine invasion, Will France face Huge Economic, Financial, and Political issues, Population drop, and Wealth?.


Right now the people of France are now carrying out the election of their sovereignty which in the future will decide who will elect France among the other Centrist, Far Right and Far Left. But now recently Macron’s party has suffered a big blow from France in the European Union. But if the Far Right wing continues to win in France and the European Union in the future, there could be a big widely civil war not just within France but across Europe. Due to this, there will be great tension in France’s sovereignty, economy, business, Political Crisis, finance, Falls of Population, defense, tourism, and racism. If a situation like France’s Civil War happens then in the future there will be another big civil war in the whole of Europe which will create huge problems in Europe’s Populations, Economy, GDP, Centralists, Business, Investment, and Politics. And then if civil war starts in France, it will be difficult to know whether France too will be ruled by an army like Pakistan or whether Macron or French politicians will be able to handle everything. If France’s other Far Rights groups become more extremist due to continuous France riots, racism, and religion then perhaps the civilians and politicians of France’s more far-left and centralist parties can leave France.

Will France face Huge Economic, Financial, and Political issues, Population drop, and Wealth?

Currently, Asians, Africans, Muslims, South Americans, and Israelis from all over the world come to Paris every year for their honeymoon and sightseeing, but if there is a civil war between the Right and Left wings, France will lose tourism in the future. Not only will France suffer tourism and population loss, but France will also have to face foreign ties, foreign direct investment, and political issues. But just as people from all over the world are interested in Modern, Secular, and Democratic France, people who come to France after the Far Right’s victory will not like it anymore in the face of fear and insecurity. Because if other far-right politicians get elected in France, then all the other countries of Europe can Boycott France, and because of this, the European Union can completely split between the EU and France in the face of world pressure. Due to this, Russia will gain in population, Tourism, and immigrants, and in the future, there will be a big decline in the population of France and Europe due to which France can not survive for the next 50 years. Not only will people and countries across the world boycott France, but France’s own people will also like to go to UAE, US, and Russia. On the other hand, it will be very difficult for France to support Ukraine because of NATO and the European Union.

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