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China Weapons Sales skyrocket amid Israel-Hamas war in Gaza : Iran-Israel War

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Currently, due to the Israel-Gaza war, not only weapons from the US and European countries are being exported or sold, but weapons from Iran, Russia, and China are also being sold in large quantities. Currently, according to experts and some news media, other Chinese weapons have also been found in Gaza which are considered quite dangerous and it seems that apart from the Israel-Gaza War, China, the US, and Russia are also selling top weapons. Although many media and experts believe that Israel and Hamas have American weapons in Gaza, now the news is coming in something else. Because there are a lot of chances of getting Chinese weapons because China, Russia, and America are the top weapons exporters and sellers in the world. China sells weapons to almost 60 countries and also builds military, defense, and economic ties with them, but with the US strengthening its relations with Israel, China, and Russia can send even top weapons to Gaza if Israel-Gaza goes longer.

Who is the biggest financier of Hamas Which is buying American, Russian, and Chinese Weapons?

Here you might be looking at Iran or Qatar but now let us tell you that the leaders of Hamas also have Billions of USD and they may need cheap weapons to fight against Israel. In this way, other Chinese weapons in Gaza mean that China, Russia, and Iran can be the top weapon exporters of Hamas in the Gaza War because the US and Europe are sending weapons, aircraft, and defense aid to Israel but killing Palestinian people. And there is no need other than food and weapons of Hamas, so they believe that Russia, China, and Iran can become top weapon exporters in Gaza. Although Biden and Israel are sending a lot of weapons to Israel, fighting Iran is not so easy for Israel. China and Russia also do not have much to do with whatever is happening in Gaza, but if China has to build relations in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, the West Bank, and Gaza, then these are very big opportunities for it. And Israel’s friend the US can also be targeted.

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