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China owns US Economy and Debt in 2024, US debt ceiling, US Foreign relations failed?: US debt news

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Recently a report has been published that the debt of the US has been mostly taken from Japan in the last 5 years but now the opinion of experts is saying that Chinese companies, banks, and the government have played the biggest role in ownership of debt to the US. The United States last year debt from Japan has also surged and Japan’s new foreign debt ownership planning to buy more US Bond Yield to secure the Japanese economy from any economic crash in Asia. US Congress, SEC, Federal Reserve Bank of the US, and US Treasury planning to make ties with China’s Debt ownership to increase for the US. China’s economy continuously increases its worth in Real Estate and financial Sectors to provide gold-backed debt to the US and Western countries. The us debt ceiling 2023 is currently surging and the US and China can take significant steps forward in their development, corridors, and international investments. Recently, mortgages, inflation, and interest have increased.

Why China Wants to Own most US debt in 2024?

However, he was told that the United States debt was mostly taken from Japan, China (soon to cross $1.2 Trillion Debt Ownership to the US), the United Kingdom, and Belgium. But now it is believed that after 2024, China can become the biggest partner of the US economy. Currently, the dominance of the USD over the increasing Chinese economy is growing towards China because China is about to take the place of Japan, and in such a situation, it can have a huge impact on the US relations with Japan, UK, and EU countries. This also means that for now US has always been supporting Japan, now if Japan and China become equal Debt partners then it will be very difficult for the US to support both. China’s ownership of US debt could affect its relationships with Japan, Indo-Pacific, South Korea, the EU, and Africa. Anyway, China’s forex reserves are more than those of the European Union and Japan. To counter the US & Western countries in the IndoPacific, it will definitely become a part of the United State’s economy.

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