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China May Takeover the Economic, Business, Financial, and Ports of Taiwan by 2025 : China Vs Taiwan War

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Currently, some Taiwanese and people around the world believe that in the future China can capture all the economic, defense, development, financial, and business ports, regions, and islands of Taiwan. So in such a situation, every time China creates some news due to military confrontation in the South China Sea and the Indo-Pacific region. So now many experts believe that China will never attack Taiwan directly, even before that there is a lot of work that China is doing. Taiwan is still far ahead of America, Japan, and South Korea and is also powerful enough that it will be very difficult for Beijing and Taipei to attack each other. Well, recently due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Iran and China have learned a lot about how to keep their countries away from this war. So in such a situation, now China wants to import the most from Taiwan, due to which Taiwanese people are hesitant to remove their dependency on China. Because even if it is not divided between China and Taiwan, both are the biggest partners in the economic, financial, defense, and business sectors. In which China imports the maximum from Taiwan which is very important for China and if there is a China Vs Taiwan war then in the future US coming together with Taiwan can cause double losses to China. And the same will happen in this war also, America and China will never wage direct war but US and NATO countries can use Taiwan as a proxy. Due to this, there will be pressure on China not to aid Russia, Iran, and anti-US countries.

Why do China and Taiwan affect the economy, financial, and Business sectors of the World, Will China take over Taiwan?

For now, China has no plans to attack Taiwan because Taiwan can definitely remove its dependency on the Indo-Pacific, the US, and the Western world. As far as Taiwanese business is concerned, China will be considered the biggest partner. if China becomes Taiwan’s biggest partner, then China will get the opportunity to invest in companies, defense, and ports in Taiwan. Due to this Taiwan’s business, financial, and defense sectors will not be able to catch China even if they try and the US will also have to withdraw from Indo-Pacific due to defense losses. By the way, Taiwan and US forces are now setting up their bases on Kinmen Island, which is also known as Kemoy. But for now, Taiwan is an island and country with which fighting is as complicated as Iran and the US. So if China does not want to attack Taiwan then the answer to what it wants to do is that China would first completely control all the Economic, Foreign Aid, Exports/Imports, Business, financial, and defense sectors of Taiwan. This means that in the case of Taiwan, China does not want to give a chance to the US, NATO, and other countries so that China does not face any trouble and proxy war in taking over Taiwan in the future.

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