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China investing in Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir amid Pakistan-India Political War : China News

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Currently, Huawei is leading the rest of Asia due to Internet, SIM, Communication, and development. Now many companies believe that Huawei is the biggest telecommunication company in China and in the future Starlink, Wife, Towers, and Radio Internet will be available in Kashmir, Ladakh, and Jammu. There are also many internet-related activities that are enabled by investment. Because we are currently looking at the ongoing issue of Kashmir in Pakistan and India, China can make a bigger plan than China in which it can provide internet services to the Kashmiri people. Because currently, apart from POK and IOK, there is investment by different mobile, sim, and internet companies of India and Pakistan which are in Kashmir, Jammu, and Ladakh, but now it seems that in the future, China will also take internet to Kashmir. Can do all the development. The way we believe that the Indian Army shuts down the internet extensively in areas like Poonch, Rajouri, and Srinagar, but people living there in Gilgit Baltistan and Ladakh facing China and Pakistan still have internet.

Why is China Investing in Pakistan, Kashmir, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan?

The other most important thing about Kashmir is human rights, freedom, and telecommunication because China now wants to make such big investments in India so that in the future, there should be involvement of Chinese Sim Card and Internet companies in Kashmir and Jammu along with Ladakh. Pakistan and India may get angry due to this development of China because China has done enough to get a share of Kashmir’s economy. and wants to do even more to ensure that in the future Kashmir’s people will get Chinese investment, foreign reserve, banking, jobs, and internet. Pakistan has also supported China a lot like BRI or One Belt One Road which in the future can show China’s interest in Gilgit Baltistan and Ladakh for further development of Kashmir and to win the hearts of the Kashmiri people. As long as there is no war between India and Pakistan, China can develop its future in Kashmir through Pakistan, but in the present situation, if there is a war between India and Pakistan to take Kashmir, then China will take entry into Kashmir for Pakistan. There may be other options to get opportunities and show your involvement. China’s Huawei, which has become the world’s largest 6G company, can increase investment in internet services and calls in Kashmir, POK, Ladakh, and Jammu.

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