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China Imposes Sanctions on Israel, Coup In Israel, and Yemen Sending Troops to Gaza : Israel Hamas war

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Recently, huge economic and defense news has come from Yemen and China regarding the Israel-Hamas war which can have a huge impact on Israel. Recently, for the first time, it has been said by China that China can not impose economic sanctions on Israel, which is quite possible. Because Israel imports most of the machinery, electrical equipment, metals, and textiles from China and now even on Electronics products, China can take big steps to increase economy and trade with Israel. Because China had earlier made Palestine the map of Israel and now Houthi and Yemen are also going to send more troops to Gaza. It seems that China and Yemen are using Israel as a scapegoat to strengthen their position and to prove themselves against America. So now seems that if Houthi or Yemen completely enters Gaza then it will not be in the power of the Israeli Army, Yemen, the Middle East, America, Africa, and Europe to stop the war. Because then America will have to take strong action against Iranian interests in Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Gaza and Iraq.

Will the Israeli Army do a coup against Israeli PM Netanyahu?

It seems that Hamas’s attack on Israel on 7th October was a very well-thought-out plan as to whether Israel would be able to maintain a friendship with China or will America rely on China and Arabs to make peace with it and cause trouble. According to some media reports, Israel’s army is continuously withdrawing from Gaza, is there a rift between Israeli politics and the army? – So now, if Israel’s PM still continues his war in Hamas and Gaza, then it is possible that in the long-term the Israeli Army can topple Netanyahu. Because for now, the fight is between Netanyahu and Hamas, if the Israeli army completely withdraws from there then understand that Netanyahu can be the only option for the army to end the IsraelGaza war.

Why Chinese and EU Imposed Sanctions on Israel, Will Biggest Coup In Israel or May US intervene in Yemen?

But now China and Yemen can further spoil relations with Israel to strengthen their friendship because now it is a problem for both China and Israel as trade is done through the Israel-China Red Sea. Because there is no war between Israel and China but Houthi has recently succeeded in blowing up the ships and warships of Israel and Israeli Allies. and in such a situation China cannot take such a big risk for Israel hence Iran, Yemen and To show friendship with Arabs, it would be better for China to impose sanctions on Israel. So now if Israel is boycotted from all sides after a long war then Israelis can put pressure on the Israeli government and political parties in the face of costly and insecure Israel. Apart from this, the EU can also impose sanctions on Israel regarding the Red Sea and Suez Canal.

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