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China Could be Boycotted Israel & US in Arab-Chinese Summit : Israel Gaza War

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Recently, Arab countries visited China and it seems that China, Arabs, and Russia can together boycott Israel. China is going to get a new gift of billions of USD for the Yuan and Chinese economy from the Middle East countries. Arab countries have recently turned to the Chinese Yuan for ArabChina diplomatic, currency, and international payment solutions. Due to this recent ArabChina step, USD and USDbased foreign reserves may face a big blow. This step of Arab is gradually moving from Dollar to Yuan and Arab countries are thinking that if OIC countries take any step against Israel then the US can impose sanctions on them also.

Why is Arab-China relations a threat to US, Israel and Europe?

Arab countries are very valuable to USD and EUR for now and if 57 Islamic or OIC countries boycott US the Yuan will become the world’s largest international currency. Now it seems that USD will not be an international currency for many years because currently Chinese Yuan has overtaken the EUR in global usage. Because the top countries of Iran, Russia, South America, Africa, and Asia want the Yuan to be their Forex Reserve and if the Yuan becomes the Forex reserve of the top countries of the world, the dominance of US will completely end with the world currencies and Europe. Although Israel & US taking its revenge from Iran by the wars in Gaza, the West Bank and Lebanon, but now Iran has also become a part of Arab countries.

Why Arab and Islamic World Want Chinese Yuan Instead of USD or EUR?

In China, Most of top Economic countries including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, Palestine, Nigeria, Indonesia and OIC Secretary are planning to accept second plan about dependency of USD, EUR and YEN. Recently, Beijing and Riyadh just signed the Local Currency/Chinese Yuan deal starting from $7 Billion USD to open the new Chinese Yuan International payment gateway with Arab Countries to counter US or Western Sanctions. The Operations of Israeli forces are still continuing and if there is no deal Between Israel and Gaza or Palestine, then USD or EUR will be sanctioned on Iran, Saudi, Turkey and Qatar against their support on Hamas and Hezbollah. The Deal Between Arab League and China might affect US and Europe because of largest daily International Remittance. Also, the US will sanction on Israel, Iran and all those countries who support Zionists, Hamas or Palestine.

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