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China becomes the world’s largest Army, China Investing in BRICS, Top Strongest Army in 2025 : China Defense

Why are China’s Defense Sectors Investing in BRICS, Anti-American Allies, and Pakistan?, China Defense News, Who is Superpower in 2025, China investing in Defense Sectors of World.


Currently, huge steps and technology are being developed between China and the US in Defense, Arms, and Military equipment and Manufacturing. But now till 2025, the biggest opinion of China by defense experts is that China can become the world’s largest Army and Defense manufacturer country by 2025. It has recently come to light that China is making ties with many countries of the world in the arms, technology, and defense sectors. China’s biggest partners, Pakistan, Russia, Iran, and the Middle East are working on China-backed defense projects in the future. Due to the recent war events in Ukraine, Russia, Israel, and Gaza, China’s Weapons and arms exports have almost doubled. Due to this, China is planning to partner with many countries in the future apart from Pakistan with its huge Fighter Jets, Missiles, Radars, Defense Systems, and air force technology. But now China has a big role along with BRICS countries, there can also be big defense opportunities in which US sanctions and the Western boycott will not make much difference to China and BRICS.

Why are China’s Defense Sectors Investing in BRICS, Anti-American Allies, and Pakistan?

Actually, China is competing with America to a great extent in every sector so that their defense dominance and economic strategy continue to work in the future. But now China’s move towards BRICS, South America, Pakistan, and other defense coordination in the Middle East will be much more beneficial for those countries that want to keep their defense relations with China good. Chinese J-20 fighter, which is almost similar to America’s F35, is being manufactured in Pakistan, which has brought a lot of opportunities between the two countries and both Pakistan and China can also invest in defense sectors. That China coming together with BRICS countries in defense and arms manufacturing will be no option for the US except NATO countries to geopolitically bind US and IndoPacific countries. So, if in the future China and the US or India face each other, it will be very difficult for them to defeat China or bring it to its knees in the defense sector. Just as India and the US are coming close to the defense sector, in the same way, China is also selling its businesses, defense, arms, and fighter jets to many countries, which can pose a huge threat to the proxy and interest of the US. At this time in the Ukraine War, both China and Pakistan were selling military equipment to Ukraine and Russia, the direct profit of which goes to China.

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