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Can Israel again win the war against the 7 Arab countries? missing Israelis, Hezbollah, Hamas, and world War in Israel

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The issue of Palestine has now come up again and it can become a new front war on a very large scale between the whole world and especially between Arabs, Israel, and America. Currently, Hamas, which used to be a small group a few years ago, has today launched such a massive attack that it came as a surprise to Israel and the Arabs. The whole world condemned this attack and also supported Israel. World’s top contries include the USA, Germany, India, Canada, Greece, the UK, France, and all the European countries.

BREAKING – Missing Israelis

Many Islamic revolutionaries are joining Palestine and many other countries support Israel, if this war can’t be paused then it could take a new massive proxy war in the State of Israel. Although in every war the victims are always common people, something similar has happened in Israel-Palestine also. Now let us talk about whether Israel can again attack the 7 Arab countries as it did in the last biggest war. Then only if we look at the current defense, weapons, ties, and proxy wars involvement of neighborhood countries of Israel we can decide that this time Israel will have to depend more and more on America to defeat all the enemies together, and if America will aid or help to Israel like Ukraine-Russia, then Palestine and Israel has to understand that a very big war can happen in Israel. The last war that Israel won was due to a huge level of support from the US and Russia, but this time Israel can go to war and even defense itself is quite risky. Because this time we can see America’s defeat and Assad’s victory in Syria.

Can Israel Destroy Arab countries again?

All the countries that lost the war against Israel including Egypt, SyriaJordanIraqSaudi Arabia, Kuwait, and other involvement of Lebanon and Pakistan. This is the first time that such a huge attack has been carried out by Hamas and an attack of such a large level has been carried out against Israel. This clearly shows that Israel’s defense systems have probably now become weak. If this war happens again in the Middle East with 7 or any other countries, it will impact the whole world and the Dollar, EUR, and all currencies and stocks will also fall. The countries that Israel defeated in 1967 are now appearing strong in the world’s biggest corridors, economy, and defense because after defeating Israel, those countries have significantly increased their defense budget. Those countries against which Israel had earlier won the war, now Pakistan, Lebanon, Iran, Qatar, Hezbollah, and many Arab countries would like to support Palestine. Now even the supporters of Russia and Ukraine are seen supporting Israel and Palestine on the global stage.

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