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Burkina Faso will become Africa’s top powerful & Nuclear powered Country in the future

Russia to fight with Western countries, BRICS or Africa? France, USA Vs Russia Burkina Faso, Coup in Russia or Coup in Africa?, top Burkina Faso becomes most powerful country in Africa, Nuclear powered country in Africa. Ibrahim Traoré apply for BRICS to make own defense deal with Russia.


African countries were the biggest victims of the Coup, Army, and French dominance, and after Russia entered the African countries France and American-friendly countries left or withdrew from North African continents. Burkina Faso’s Political leader Ibrahim Traoré making deep ties with Russia and the African Alliance to move forward with Russian technology, defense, politics, and aid in North Africa to develop Africa’s strongest country in the world. In Gabon, a recent coup happened between the army and politics to bring the new president or leader of the country.

Burkina Faso may make Nuclear weapons to become Africa’s most powerful country.

In Africa, Burkina Faso is a perfect country for Russia to develop, defend, invest, arms, and even program a Nuclear power plant to secure the new generation of Africa and Burkina Faso become Africa’s most powerful country in Defense, Economy, Investments, travels, and GDP. if Ibrahim Traoré rules the country’s long relations with Russia. In the Africa, Ibrahim Traore is the most famous and popular face of whole Africa to make new coups of France backed governments in African countries.

Russia to fight with Western countries, BRICS or Africa?

Russian Army are deployed in Most of African countries to save and secure the country from Terrorism, and the American and NATO war with Africa. By the way, Most of Western news experts are thoughts Russia may occupy the African countries in next years of a strong army connection with African rebels. In the behind of Coup all the media understood that Russia was backed by the top African leaders to make new government-backed in Africa. Ibrahim Traoré may move forward with BRICS and make their own defense & security announcement with Russia and African countries.

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