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BRICS countries release a Gold Backed new Currency in 2024 : BRICS Vs USA

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The BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) is world’s top country’s organizations which is completely making something big independent thoughts from USA and EUR or other top International currencies to make Business from Tier countries of BRICS in 2024. BRICS countries are holds the best Gold Market cap of upto trillions of USD to try for the own business strategy from member countries.

Top countries India, China, Brazil, Russia & South Africa are looking to grow the business, Supply Chain, Global Payments systems, Oil & Gas Supply, Bypass the International payment systems to increase the inter-countries economy together by investing in South America, Africa, South Asia, Europe countries to establish the global business in the control of Gold Backed New Banking Currency of These countries to use for the trading facilities between each other countries to attract the other countries to join BRICS membership.

In the Future, Belarus, Algeria, Argentina, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Eqypt, Iran, Afghanistan & other US enemies to join BRICS to challenge the American facilities in G20, NATO and other groups. India, Russia & China’s friendships are has a bright future with neighborhood countries support the global businesses with Russia, China, India & other African countries.

China’s Payment system of CIPS (Chinese International payment system) serving for all their ally countries to make a new payment gateways to increase the demand of Chinese Yuan. Russian exports & Imports are very lucky to have a global payment system to make alternative payment option for the whole country who are already suffering sanctions imposed by US & other Ally countries.

BRICS countries are looking to make own gold backed currency to make trades, export/imports, low taxes To move away from the USD, America Gold or EURO backed Global Payment System. BRICS looking to trade, Import/Export with own currency instead of USD with some new countries like Iran, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Libya, North Korea & Mexico.

China’s global payment system is growing rapidly because of American Sanctions on the any countries like Iran, Russia, North Korea, Libya, Somalia, China, Cuba and other countries who are suffering the new rules of USA. China’s Global payment system is running from Russian & other Allied countries to complete transaction without USD or International currencies. In the Future, China might provide loan to some countries with BRICS membership countries to trade or complete the payments as a lender to asia & African countries.

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