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BRICS, Australia, and Spain Reject US Army in Red Sea against Houthi : Yemen War

BRICS in Yemen War, Why US Army want a Military Coalition against Yemen and Red Sea protection from Houthi?, Top countries rejects US Army against Red Sea and Yemen, Australia and Spain rejects US Requests against Houthi and Yemen, Houthi will make Global Economy or Politics Crissis, and Inflation.


Currently, due to the US and US Coalition army’s ongoing military actions against Yemen and Houthi, Spain and Australia want not to send their army, warships, and military to Yemen or the Red Sea. Because Australia and Spain have already raised their voice towards permanent peace inside Gaza. Because Australia and Spain have come to know that the way Malaysia, Yemen, and Iran have blocked all routes for Israel, now they are going to affect Spain and Australia the most. By recently joining the US Army and the US Coalition on the Red Sea, Spain, and Australia have clearly stated that they do not want another war between the Houthis and Yemen. Because now Australia and Spain have also started feeling that they want to keep their foreign policy independent so that they do not have to face the pressure of the US and Europe due to the war in Yemen.

Why US Army want a Military Coalition against Yemen and Red Sea protection from Houthi? Will BRICS Joins War Against Yemen or Houthi?

Also, the US has a US election in 2024, so they can withdraw from the Red Sea just like the US did withdraw the US army from Afghanistan. So Australia, Spain, and its allies also wonder whether its plan is to trap those countries like France in Africa and Russia in Ukraine. Also Houthi and Yemen are not like Hamas and Gaza because Houthi can do much more force than Hamas and Hezbollah which can threaten the Global Economy, Politics, and Inflation. Currently, there is a major crisis going on in Israel’s economy because of Houthi and Yemen because Israel is suffering as much from Hamas and Hezbollah as it is from Houthi.

So Spain, Ireland, Australia, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, and Israel themselves do not want to join forces with the US and wage a war that may take years of Defense, Economy, and Trade. All US may now try to push BRICS countries into the Yemen War because Houthi is maintaining friendship with Russia, China, and anti-American countries but is creating trouble for Israel and American friends.

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