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Botswana and Russia have the world’s largest Diamond production in 2024: Diamond price prediction

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Top diamond experts are looking to predict the price of Uncut, Raw and Unpolished Diamonds will go skyrocket in year 2024. World’s top Diamond producers including Botswana, Russia, Angola, Canada are starts a new price predictions and looking to have a biggest opprotunities in world. In this case, African countries are producing largest diamonds carrats than Russia or Europe. The most Diamond producer in Africa including South Africa, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Namibia, DRC, Ghana, Guinea, Guyana, Central African Republic and Angola are producing largest quality of Diamonds and best market share in Diamond world.

Use of Diamonds rather than Gold, Platinum or Silver. and who are buying largest Diamonds, What are the Price Prediction of per Carat Diamond?

The price of current Diamond per carret price as lowest is still going expensive from $1,600 to $9,000 USD per pure carrets. In a expert analysis, due to pandemic most of Diamonds holders have lost their money upto -10% of falls, and have turned bought back after the Diamonds price were at $1200 since 2020 at diamond’s shape, color, clarity of Diamonds qualities. There are no questions about Diamonds which is a unique assets of earring, rings, JEWELLERY, dentistry, cars and many things that can reflect than Platinum or Golds or than Silver. Diamonds price prediction not has a specific scenerio because there are not a stocks or goods to purchase easily, because it almost a private assets of Richest populations. In this list top companies we share to you to know what the Diamond price will be in the future. including Alerus Financial, Rio Tinto ADR, Anglo American, Zhengzhou Sino Crystal Diamond, SF Diamond, Titans, Petra Diamonds and most of Gold and Jewellary companies are provide diamonds also in their digital Stocks and physical orders to buy and create everything if possible

Top Diamond buyers countries in world, why they buying Diamonds?

Mostly Silver Stock holders and Silver buyers are need a new 100X advance silver or reflective things to buy which has highest rate of per carret and quality than Gold or Platinum. World’s top Diamond buyers countries including UAE, India, Hong Kong, Belgium, United States, and China whom are imports largest supply of Diamonds from Botswana, Russia, Angola, African Union and Canada. India is world’s top gem, fancy items, Investment, clarity, durability, longevity, and Cultural significance. Top businessmen of India, investing in Diamonds after Gold or Silvers. In this list, UAE, USA, India, Hong Kong, Belgium and China as the per demand of richest civilians who are interested in Fancy things, rings, Earrings, and other wearing clarity and They alsywas spends Millions USD to wear shining jewellery. In Europe and Asian top car companies, Shops, Construction, Polishing, Automotive, Military, Medical, flat-screen televisions and many technolgies and startups are using Diamonds to grow their businesses and fancy items.

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