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Top Social platforms by best traffic in 2023 with best earning platfroms

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These top Social media platfroms with best revenue, traffic, creators tools, research tools & top users experiances in the 2023, at the moments of creators are created millions of their talents, experiances, creativity, earnings sources, money making strategy, at home works on social media, writing & publishing everyday new thoughts about a lot kind of ranks to make social bouce rate low of hosts. Top Social Media for online earnings, activity, daily visits, business related contents on their website over last year to yet, YouTube is first platfrom for eanings & best bounce of creators and platfrom creators.

The YouTube is first best platfrom for direct options for all about creativity, earnings, sources and global ranking tools to get your published assets, YT shorts & YT Videos into first rank into worldwide. YouTube shorts platfrom & its creators are helped most to boost for reach top achievement of Youtube Indstry despite before TikTok going to beat YouTube company with new ideas.

Top Social platforms by traffic to their website in 2023

  1. YouTube – 30B users in last 90 days
  2. Facebook – 16B users in last 90 days
  3. Twitter – 6.02B users in last 90 days
  4. Instagram – 6B users in last 90 days
  5. WhatsApp – 2.8B users in last 90 days
  6. TikTok – 1.89B users in last 90 days
  7. LinkedIn – 1.75B users in last 90 days
  8. Discord – 1.2B users in last 90 days
  9. Pinterest – 0.99B users in last 90 days
  10. Quora & Telegram – 1B users in last 90 days (approx.)

The YouTube is still one the top of all the floors of world’s top websites with monthly active users of their traffic & became world’s top social media platforms & too became online Earning platforms. Twitter is next most top active platfrom for politicians, virals, strangers supportable platfrom for the online earnings from paid Subscribers who want to becomes first to visit or reach your top followed handles & achieve news, knowledges & technologies. Twitter has best active users from United States, UK, Europe & Asian instead of YouTube & Facebook.

Facebook & Linkedin is top platfrom in the world’s top earnings with each other marketing & business related earnings than spending on the creators & publihsers. The Facebook & LinkedIn has high advertising fees to pay for a single ads or high RPMs rates despite facebook’s Metaverse risk managements.

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