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BlackRock Investing in India’s Stock Market instead of Hong Kong and Japan’s Stock Market : Stock Market

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Recently the Indian stock market has overtaken the Hong Kong market India’s volume is $4.33 trillion and the volume of Hong Kong stock market capitalization value is around $4.29. Along with this, Asian top companies, investors, and daily traders have started making the Indian Stock Market an Asian market hub due to which even now Billions of USD are coming into the Indian Stock Market. The Hong Kong Stock Market is the largest Multinational Stock Market in Asia in which billions of USD have been invested by US, European, Asian, and African countries. But now it seems that the Indian Stock Market can flip the Stock Market of Japan by surpassing the Stock Market value of Hong Kong. Yes, in just a few months the Indian Stock Market can flip the Japanese Stock Market, due to which the Indian Stock Market can become the most stable, profitable and valued Stock Market in the world. Due to the increasing bullish trend in the Indian Stock market, now BlackRock, Fidelity, and Chinese Companies are also able to make Portfolio management investments in the Indian Stock market.

Why are foreigners Investing in the Indian Stock Market more than Hong Kong or China Stock Market?

The way the Indian stock market capitalization value has recently created history in Asia, it seems that it will continue in the future also. However, along with the Indian Stock market, the Asian Market is also getting great support, but now foreign investment is possible in the Indian Stock Market because India is the top country in the world which has the highest Inward Remittance in the world. By the way, now the Indian stock market and share market have a market cap of about $4 trillion, which is quite profitable, bullish, and future. Recently, about $100 billion worth of interest was transferred outward from Chinese stocks, which may have an impact on Chinese stocks, real estate, and financial sectors in the future. There is a possibility of trillions of USD coming into the Indian stock market in the future such as institutional, Business, Finance, and Wealth Funds. Because now India’s stock market is quite bullish compared to Hong Kong and Japanese stock markets. So if Indian Stock Market has become the top investment market in Asia in the last 15 years, then in the next few more years Indian Stock Market can also flip the stock markets of Japan and China.

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