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BlackRock and SpaceX planning to hire top former CEOs and Employees of AI companies : OpenAi Jobs

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There are many talented people in this world, on whose strength a lot of things are being changed in the world of technology. A lot has changed in the world of Internet and computer science from before till today. AI (Artificial intelligence) is a new technology that focuses on the world’s top sources, employment, software, and internetbased physical things. Recently, Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, resigned from the post of CEO of OpenAI due to a conflict between him and the AI board. But still, the board is still choosing him for the CEO of OpenAi, but now Sam Altman does not feel like going back to OpenAI.

Why do top Companies offer for CEO position to Sam Altman?

Sam Altman also has a chance of getting very big annual packages from other companies and in the AI ​​projects of Amazon, Google, Microsoft, IBM, and Nvidia they have made offers for Sam Altman the CEO. Top Companies Apart from OpenAI, there are many companies that work on advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) projects. There is a difference between OpenAI and Microsoft’s AI facility and AI programs want their companies to also get CEOs, and managers like Sam Altman who can play a very important role in AI, Machine learning, and AI Models. Currently, top companies like Amazon, IBM, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Baidu, and Alphabet have made many offers that can become quite profitable for AI developers, creators, and managers. Because OpenAi does not have that much money, it has a lot of attraction for AI security and management, but companies like Google, Amazon, and IBM need the power of AI.

What is the Salary of Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAi?

Sam Altman has many types of work like entrepreneur, programmer, investor, and blogger his net worth is around $700 million. Startup companies are also hiring AI programmers and it is believed that top companies also create AI projects to take AI goals forward. In a few years, the minimum monthly wage for other AI programmers, managers, robotic technology, and blockchain-based employees could be around $ 500,000 USD. Maybe Jack Dorsey, Sam Altman, and other ex-CEOs and former CEOs can increase the value. If you also try to make a future, then you can earn from $500,000 to $1m monthly because it has become a new source of income. If you work on AI models, machine learning, and physical commands, you can earn millions of USD monthly from remote access from home.

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