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BJP estimated to win 180-250 seats in Loksabha Election, BJP Lossing? : India Election 2024

Is BJP Lossing Loksabha Election 2024?, These are the top 9 reasons why the BJP or NDA may face a big blow in the Lok Sabha election 2024. Inflations, Unemployements, Farmers, Ram Mandir, India Alliance, BJP vs NDA in 2024?


Recently, due to experts and analysis and seat sharing, some reports are coming on social media. Due to this, it is now being speculated that if Modi comes forward by joining hands with the BJP or NDA, he may be able to enter the 2024 elections. But the BJP is finding it very difficult to hold on to 200 seats alone. Currently, some surveys, analyses, and political experts are of the opinion that in the future, BJP may face some problems in getting a majority in 2024, the real test will be done by local parties and regional areas-wise votes. So now I feel that BJP needs to get 250+ seats apart from the NDA Alliance if it is more than the majority otherwise NDA can also lose its tension regarding seat sharing. However, the biggest challenge for BJP remains Congress, TMC, AIMIM, BSP, and Indian Alliance. In the future, if BJP’s seats are below 200, then their local Alliance parties may have to join hands with Congress and top local parties. Because this time BJP will have to achieve from 250+ to 280+ alone because all the alliances of India have stood together, so this is the biggest challenge.

These are the top 9 reasons why the BJP or NDA may face a big blow in the Lok Sabha election 2024.

1. BJP is estimated to win 190-220 seats.

2. Modi’s image is not the marketing USP anymore.

3. Ram Mandir is not a selling point anymore.

4. Youth are the most anti-Modi.

5. Women are fast turning against Modi.

6. Men aged above 50 still strongly with Modi.

7. South is all but done for BJP. (BJP below 15 seats in all of South India)

8. Haryana & Rajasthan will see a major decline for BJP among Hindi states.(West)

9. Bengal & Jharkhand will also see the decline of BJP(East)

However, the BJP needs to focus more on winning the 2024 elections because now the opposition has become a big problem for the Modi government. Because the entire opposition does not want Modi or the BJP to come to the front by winning huge seats, it clearly means that if BJP is not able to establish majority alone, then the NDA leader can join the opposition party. Apart from this, BJP’s name is also being mentioned in the recent electoral bonds scam in which BJP had received the maximum donations.

Those who understand Politics, Education, Farmers, Youth, and Geopolitics well are focusing a lot on the BJP’s recent scam and foreign funding sources. So now if IndiaAlliance gets a huge amount of vote share or seat sharing then it may be not only difficult but also impossible for BJP to win Loksabha elections again in 2028. Therefore, the BJP may again have to strengthen its seats, populartity and political strategy. Now the bank account of the opposition party has been frozen in all the party leaders have blamed BJP the BJP did not pay the fine of above Rs. 6000 crores. but increased the fine by 90% on India Alliance the remaining Rs 1700 crores.

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