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Biden In Israel and EU Leaders in Lebanon are provoking Iran or Saudi Arabia? : Israel Gaza war or Arab Spring

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Many countries are worried about Biden and Germany’s visits to Lebanon and Israel because there has been a lot of difference in the Middle East since the arrival of Joe Biden and Germany’s chancellor in Israel. Relations with Joe Biden and the Islamic countries of the Middle East seem to be deteriorating and due to this, Germany’s chancellor is also on Lebanon visits, as it is considered very important for the US and Germany to keep the situation stable in the Middle East. The war between Israel and Gaza is a difficult time for the common people and all the countries of the Middle East are seen boycotting Israel and the Israeli population, relationships, business, exports, and imports.

Why Iran and Saudi Arabia is Necessary for Europe and the USA?

America and Germany are definitely suffering political, business, and economic losses somewhere in this Middle East war. European countries will never want such a war to happen in the Middle East because the most damage from this war will happen to countries like Europe, America, and China in the Middle East, and Islamic countries keep moving closer to China and Russia than America. then, it will be most costly to Europe because we have seen this even in the RussiaUkraine war. At present, America has imposed sanctions on many countries that are oil exporters, now on which America had trusted, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have stopped supporting Israel and in such a situation, for Biden in America. perhaps, The elections of 2024 can be fought in such a difficult situation. Anyway, there is no special friendship for America among Arab and Islamic countries because China and Russia are continuously promoting BRICS. Maybe after Germany, European Union leaders of other countries can also visit Lebanon, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, and Egypt.

Why US and Europe involved in the Israel-Palestine War?

Due to the Russia-Ukraine war, many countries have started trading in their own currencies instead of USD and its impact is only on the American Dollar or the Dominance of International currency. Only four countries can benefit from war, like Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, and Iran who want their value to increase and exports to become more and more expensive. At this time, America has no option to join the world’s top oil exporters Saudi Arabia and Qatar, because this war has not only created a risk for Oil or Gas but has also created trouble on the export/Import corridors of the entire world. The US sanctions imposed on Iran are also about to expire, so this time no one can stop Iran from directly confronting Israel. If America this time imposes sanctions on those who do not support Israel, then it could be America’s biggest mistake because this time the Islamic and Democratic countries of the whole world have supported the people of Palestine and Gaza. And on the other hand, even for the world’s oil exporters and corridors, there is no country left that can save America from this new inflation.

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