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Barbie beats Batman & Avatar 2 to become Warner Bros top movie with the best box office collection of $1.5 Billion USD

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Barbie is the most popular movie in the EU & North American countries to provide their first screen release at the global cinema. Many countries are banned Barbie in their cinemas & OTT to keep safe children and thoughts of LGBTQ. The new collaboration between Greta Gerwig and Warner Bros has first time collected Billions of Box Office collections in the first month of the global release of the Barbie movie.

These Countries Banned Barbie movies in top countries of the world.

Batman was the top movie in the highest-grossing of release in the Warner Bros collaboration, and next Barbie Movie is bounce rate and watch time are rapidly making fun, love, homosexuality and special character with a coming of new generation. Vietnam, Kuwait, Algeria, Lebanon, China and Russian may ban the Barbie movie in their country because of LGBTQ protests.

What are Barbie movies of 2023, and why do people watch in globally?

Barbie has transformed the toys business, and affluent communities increasing globally by becoming new strategies and stories to promote Friendships, relatives, Babies, LGBTQ, Clothes, Accessories and new VFX graphics to attract the under the age of 18 or out of 18 ages people. Barbie may earn or beat the Avatar 2 movies and in the long time of top movies series in the top 50 films.

Barbie is top funniest & cool movie of the world in 2023.

Barbie becomes the first movie where everything is pinky and lovely with fun, love, friendship, tourism, and business & it is the world’s first Pinki Place of movies like Metaverse and Future of Technology. Warner Bros & Greta Gerwig chose this ‘Barbie’ antique name to trend the movies with a new identity.

Why did Barbie become famous in or movies world of Warner Bros and others?

Barbie become the most famous movie with cute animal sidekicks, sparkly dresses, and legitimately good songs, tourism places, cars, trees, boy & girl, kids lapped it up. Barbie becomes the most famous movie for Children and family movies. Barbie is the funniest movie in the history of Warner Bros and top film producers.

Pink colours are becoming Barbie Colours across global.

The Barbie Movies are shining, stylish, lovely, and storytelling for audiences that are often ignored the power of those stories to hold and release new ideas and new creativity. Barbie going to beat Batman, Avatar, and all those recent movies from different producers. Pink color became the name of Barbie instead of Pink.

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